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Conference Medal.

Mintage is 20 pieces.

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Friday 8th June
6.00 PM drinks

The sign at the entrance to the Teahouse Restaurant

John Veltmeyer & Rudi Talmacs relaxing whilst waiting for the bar to open.

Fred Hynes and Gordon Hodge

Peter Lane, Darren Burgess talking to Rudi.

Bernie Begley joined the conversation.

Graham & Helen Howard talking with Pat Walsh

Rod Sell writing receipts for the gold Proclamation Medals members purchased.

Gordon Hodge talking to Luz Snelgrove,

Ian & Pam Sizeland

7.00 PM Dinner in Treehouse Restaurant.

The Lights in the Treehouse Restaurant

Some of the Auction Lots.

Matthew Boulton's Naval Medals

NAV Explorer Medals.

A selection of Medals, including ANS Medals.

Some medals made from cancelled Atlanta Olympic games dies.
The maker was advised he did not have the authority to use the Olympic Games Rings.

GB 1981 Maundy set

Some Tasmanian Medals.

A selection of Australian Bank Notes.

A selection of Australian Wooden advertising medals.

Some recent RAM coins.

Because of the late hour.  The resort wanted to close the Conference room as they had a 6am start for breakfast.  The Auction was delayed until 8.30 am on Saturday.

Some of the Displays.

Some NZ Numismatic Medals.

Tasmanian coins and numismatic material.

The ANS Proclamations Series of Medals.

Qld & Victorian Police & War Medals.

Some Tokens of Essex

A selection of Postal Notes, now featured in Renniks

A collection of Medals by 5 Australian Coin Designers

A history of the Australian $5 polymer note.

Knight Hospitallers of St John and their Coinage.

Anonymous Anglo-Saxons coins with Fantastic Fauna

People on Australian and World Bank Notes

Saturday 9th June
8.30 Auction delayed from Friday Night.

Members were to tick the lots they wished to bid on.  Only the ticked lots were auctioned.

Rod noted the winner and hammer price. Payment was collected after the auction.

Session Chairman John Pearn.

9.00 AM  Gerry Doyle welcomed everyone and outlined the Conference Program

Gerry presented with a Conference Medal.

The Conference Medal presented to each of the speakers and helpers from John Pearn.

9.30 Colin Thomas - Tokens of Essex

Colin being presented with a Medal by Patron John Pearn

10.00 George Snelgrove - Queensland Police Force Diamond Jubilee Medal 1897

10.30 Morning Tea

Bernie Begley & Ross Pratley

Colin Pitchfork & Graham Howard

The Audience back from Morning Tea and waiting for the next talk.

The Chairman waiting for everyone to sit down.

Barry Scot advisng how useful a walking stick is.

11.00 Barry Scott - Early Tasmanian Proclamation Coins & Van Dieman's Land Numismatic History

11.30 David Mee - Knight Hospitallers of St John and their Coinage.

12.00 Judith Mee - Anonymous Anglo-Saxons and Fantastic Fauna.

12.30 Colin Pitchfork - Justinian's Flea

1 PM Lunch in Tree House

Session Chairman Gerry Doyle

2.00 Bernie Begley - Gympie Agricultural Mining and Pastoral Medal

2.30 John Pearn - Temperance Medals - Iconography for Health Promotion

3.00 Bruce Short - Serpent Mythology and Health Symbolism in Ancient Numismatics

3.30 Afternoon Tea

Pat Walsh, Ian Sizeland & Rod Sell

Merve & Heather Meads with Judith Mee

Gordon Hodge & Barry Scott

Ross Pratley, John Pearn & Rudi Talmacs

Barry Scott & Fred Hynes

Colin Pitchfork and Bruce Short

Colin Thomas & Gordon Hodge

Peter Lane & Darren Burgess

Having a rest before the next session.  Gerry Doyle, Stephen Appleton & Ross Pratley

4.00 Rudi Talmacs - The Early Medal: High and Late Renaissance

4.30 Members with displays gave a brief talk on their display before the vote.

Mervin Meads telling us about the $5 polymer note.

Stephen Appleton taking a bow on keeping the technology working.

Colin Pitchfork showing a book on Byzantine Coins.

Ross Pratley advising Postal Notes are now included in Renniks

Ross also mentioned the IBNS Conferences.

5.00 Members to vote for Best Display.

7.00 Conference Dinner.

Best Display Award - Won by David Mee

Tom Hanley Cup presentation.  Won by Paul Holland in the USA.

To be held in trust by ANS Sydney.

Rod gave a brief history of the Cup and the winners since 1998.

Patrons Quiz - Won by Stephen Appleton.

Sunday 10th June.

Breakfast in the Treehouse Restaurant and the espresso coffee machine.

8.30 AM Council Meeting held in Room 1.

Session Chairman John Veltmeyer

9.00 George Snelgrove - Father & Son, Police & War Medals, + Victoria Police "For Merit Badge".

9.30 Phil Benjamin - Five influencial Australian Sculptors, Coin Designers and their works.

10.00 Colin Pitchfork - Interesting Auctions that I have been involved with.

10.30 Morning Tea

11.00 John Pearn - A Numismatist visits Carcassonne

11.30 Ross Pratley -  Why I collect Postal Notes.

12.00 Pat Walsh - The People on Australian Bank Notes.

12.30 Lunch

1.30 PM  Group Photo

Session Chairman Colin Pitchfork

2.00 Peter Lane - Fire Insurance Companies "Firemarks in Alfred Chitty's Adelaide Coin Den".

2.30 Darren Burgess - The NAV Explorer Series of Medallion - A retrospective

3.00 Rod Sell - The ANS Proclamation Medal Series.

3.30 Gerry Doyle - Silver Medals issued by the Royal Numismatic Society of NZ for Decimal Currency.

4.00  Closing remarks and Afternoon Tea.

6.00 Catch the 2 buses to the Coffs Harbour EX-SERVICES CLUB for dinner.

Stephen Appleton
Peter Atherden
Bernie Begley  -
Phil Benjamin -
Julie Benjamin

Alan Bess - Saturday Dinner
Lee Bess - Saturday Dinner
Darren Burgess -
Gerry Doyle  -  Decimal Currency
Gordon Hodge
Graham Howard
Helen Howard - Saturday Dinner
Fred Hynes
Peter Lane -
Merv Meads
Heather Meads
David Mee -

Judith Mee -

Gary Murray
Janet Murray
John Pearn -
Colin Pitchfork -
Sandy Pitchfork - Saturday Dinner
Ross Pratley - 
Barry Scott -
Rod Sell -
Bruce Short - Saturday PM. -
Ian Sizeland
Pam Sizeland - Saturday Dinner
George Snelgrove - 
Rudi Talmacs  -
Colin Thomas  -
Pat Thomas - Saturday Dinner
John Veltmeyer
Pat Walsh  -