The Australian Numismatic Society



Philas House
17 Brisbane Street
1st Floor ,Sydney
  Monday 13th June 2022

Doors opened at 8.45 am

There were 16 members and 3 family attending.
Peter Atherden
Frank Chauvier
Grant Chauvier
Tony Hoare
Graham Howard
John Kennedy
Matthew Lloyd
Maurice Lyons
David Mee
George Perlowski
Colin Pitchfork
Ross Pratley
David Rowe
Rod Sell
Bruce Short
Joan Short
Ian Sizeland
Mark Walsh
Pat Walsh

Apologies from
John Pearn
John Veltmeyer
Les Carlisle
Barry Scott
Rod Bolden
Tony Dalton
Lindy Hall
Joe Dettling
John Minucos
Marie Bradd

Our thanks to Grant Chauvier for the images.

The members taking their seats and setting up

Rod selling Conference medals.

David Mee and Colin Pitchfork setting up the laptop.

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Morning Session Chaired by Rod Sell

Rod welcomed the members and guests.  He gave an apology from members and an update on John Veltmeyer.

10.00 am
Colin Pitchfork  Greek Turtles and Tortoises

Colin gave a talk on the coins of Aegina.

Viewing the items shown on the screen

The reference books Colin brought.

The members following the talk on the screen.  David Mee operating the laptop at the bottom.

Colin viewing the items on the screen.

Some of the Turtle coins shown.

Rod presenting Colin with his named conference medal.

10.30 am David Mee - Napoleon Bonaparte and Family.

Rod introducing David Mee.

David telling us the story of Napoleons rise to Emperor, and placing his family as rulers of the conquered Nations.

Napoloeon's family on coins and medals.

Coins of Napoleon.

David being presented with his named Conference medal.

Members thanking David for his Talk.

11.00 morning tea

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Colin Pitchfork  Chaired the rest of the  Conference.

11.30 am
Ross Pratley - The Roaring Twenties
Ross gave us a review of the 1820s Sydney, with the start up of the Australia Bank.
He showed share scripts and bank notes of the period.
The Australia Bank went on to start the first  coal mine in Newcastle with a railway to the coast.
They then started the Australian Agricultural Company which owns a large percentage of Australia today.

Colin thanking Ross and presenting his named Conference medal. 

12.00 pm Bruce Short - The Remarkable Eighteenth Century Coin Collector

Bruce gave us a Talk on Sarah Banks the younger sister of Sir Joseph Banks.  Sarah was a collector of all sorts of item.
She had a great numismatic collection, puchased from friends, over her long life.

A portrait of Sarah Banks.

Colin presenting Bruce with his named Conference medal.

12.30 pm Lunch

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1.30 pm 
John Kennedy - Coins circulating in Ireland 1922-1970

John Kennedy was the speaker after lunch.

John gave us an insight into the animals chosen for the Irish coins and the change of currency.

Colin presenting John with his named Conference medal.

2.00 pm Matthew Lloyd - The Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II on Australia Coins.

Colin itroducing Matthew.  He rembered Matthew attending meetings with his mother, when he was still at School.

Matthew speaking on the different portraits of Queen Elizabeth II on Australian coins.

Matthew being presented with his named Conference medal

2.30 pm afternoon tea

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3.00 pm Ian Sizeland - The Acclimatization Society

Ian Sizeland gave a Talk  on the Acclimatization Society who introduced a lot of European species which are now pests.

Their aim was to recreate Europe in Australia.

Ian being presented with his named Conference medal

3.20 pm Colin Pitchfork - Biblical coins.

3.40 pm David Mee - Coins of Medieval Russia.

4.00 pm Conference closed.