The Australian Numismatic Society

Fred Bonner.     

From Colin Thomas
Fred was an overseas English member of the society who was a founder member in 1968 of the Havering Numismatic Society in England. Fred was a prisoner of war for some years and suffered from chronic back trouble and often wore a complete back-brace harness. He was appointed secretary of the H.N.S., a position he held for over 40 years, in fact right up until his death in 2008. Fred collected everything numismatic but his forte was forgeries of which he had an extensive collection from all over the world. He corresponded with like people in America, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and many of the European countries now in the European Community. When I and my family migrated to
<>Australia in 1973, Fred promised that he would certainly keep in touch with us. This promise he kept, writing or telephoning us at least once every two weeks or so. He was a great friend of mine and my wife’s. We both miss this wonderful man. Knowing of Pat’s collecting hobby of stamps, Fred often sent over packets of stamps for Pat’s collection. Generous to a fault and with a happy disposition, Fred was honoured by the H.N.S. when they made him a Fellow of the Society.