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George Cassim    

George Cassim in June 2015 telling us about the New Greek Bank Notes.
With his passing today, 15th December 2015, a bit of fun has gone out of life.

George Joined the ANS on the 8th August 2005 (Rod signed him up at the ANDA Fair).
George was elected to the ANS Council in 2008 replacing Dr Bill Mira.
George was elected ANS Vice President in 2015 replacing Colin Pitchfork.

George was funny and genuinely nice guy, his passing affected me more then I expected.
I think about him a lot and when I will come to the next meeting and see his empty chair in the front corner,
I will miss him terribly.
Michael Tichy  20/12/15

Meeting George was one of the best things that happened in my life. His passion for numismatics, and for life in general, was infectious and brought a new dimension to my hobby. He was one of the kindest and most generous people I have known. He was genuinely interested in people and their well-being. He added to peoples' lives because went to the effort of organising for people to meet each other. I think Michael Tichy has summed it up well for most of the people who knew George - his passing affected me more than I expected, I think about him a lot, I miss him terribly.
John Minucos 22/12/15

At our last meeting in December,  I read out a note in Greek to George’s mother thanking her for her nice and tasty biscuits, cakes and sweets that she prepared for our meetings,and later translated  into English. I also thanked her for having such a nice son like George, who was always kind,  generous, friendly and tolerant.  He had this charismatic nature of always having a broad  smile to welcome you, and a warm firm and friendly handshake, whether it was for congratulating you on your display or a “Kalinihta”  (goodnight)  as I always had to rush to catch the train.
I will miss George in many ways, his collection of modern Greek coins, his knowledge of European coins and banknotes, made our meetings interesting and knowledgeable .  Only recently he showed at a meeting some current Greek banknotes  of Nana Mouskouri and Maria Callas,  very much to my disbelief.
I had the honour of knowing a great guy in  George Cassim.
George Perlowski.  22/12/15

It was with some shock and disbelief that I received the news of George's death. When I turned up for the ANS Christmas social at George's company's premises at Elizabeth Street on Monday 14th December 2015, I was warmly greeted by George. He had thoughtfully photocopied an article for me  from one of the coin magazines about the union of Castile and Leon in Spain in the middle ages, a topic he knew I had an interest in. He was his usual warm ebullient self and he greeted all the other members as they came in. After the meeting during supper, George did not feel well and needed to lie down. An ambulance was called and George lay in the kitchen while the party went on.  Everyone was concerned for George, but the seriousness of it was not apparent. It was only the following day that the members were informed that George had died in hospital that night.
On the following Thursday, a funeral service was held for George in the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church of the Resurrection in Kogarah. I attended, along with many Sydney ANS members. The church was packed, standing room only. Many of George's work colleagues were also there. Many tears were shed by and for his family and close friends.  His mother , wife, brother, 3 children in their mid 20's were left behind. They will rightly be very proud of George.  During the eulogy, the priest remarked that for George, if he had a middle name, it should have been "larger-than-life". He also noted how keen George was on his collection of modern Greek coins and banknotes. George would have appreciated the close resemblance of some icons in the church to images on Byzantine coins.
We will all miss him. He was taken away from us far too soon.
David Mee 23/12/15

George was a special person by his happy personality and his friendship with
everyone, he will be sorely missed and meetings will not be the same without him.
Pat Walsh  23/12/15

As a member of Council I had extra dealings with George.  I will always remember him telling me the difference between a Review and an Audit.  I will never make the mistake again, of calling a check of our books an Audit.  After the Council meetings we would go to our favourite Greek Restaurant for dinner.  George would make requests for free extra bread and drinks etc.  The drinkers would always have a superior Retsina and we would tuck into wonderful Greek food.  We would make fun of John V eating all the olives and all have a good time.
I also remember George calling me Sellopoulos as he made me an honorary Greek.  Another great memory is the regular banter with John V about bananas, when we were having refreshments.
Rod Sell  23/12/15

It has now been over a week since George has left us. Along with many numismatic colleagues we still cannot come to terms that he has truly left us. We wonder who could step into his shoes, who could provide our numismatic meetings with the same zest for life. You will be truly missed George!
Paul Neumann.  24/12/15

I was very sadden to learn of the death of George Cassim. He was a remarkable and generous man who assisted the Society over several years with accomodation, but more so because of his support to the Society as Auditor and his well meaning friendship that was extended to all who came into contact with him at meetings.
Colin Pitchfork 26/12/15

It was a pleasure and an education to have known George for the short time that we did. May he be remembered and appreciated for many years.
Frank and Grant Chauvier also Marie Bradd 27/12/15

I had the great pleasure of knowing George from meetings and fairs.
He was always such a bright, friendly, lively and ebullient character, with great charisma.
I was shocked to hear of his untimely passing, but will always remember him as a really good and special person.
Barrie Towers 28/12/15

Not a day goes by without  thinking of my "Conservative " mate George "Jocular " Cassim .
God Bless .
Tony Hoare 1/1/16