The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 429 18th June 1998

There were 13 members and 1 visitor were in attendance.

General Business : -
Bernie gave a report on our biennial conference held in Coffs Harbour on the 6th & 7th of June 98 with particular reference to George’s gold Medal of The ANS (FANS) & Fred’s silver Medal of The ANS (AFANS). Also George was awarded the inaugural Tom Hanley Cup for Literature. See details elsewhere for conditions on this new Society award.
The Branch had a table at the ANDA fair with an complete display of Society commemorative & award medals together with badges. Payment and Application for Junior Membership from Curtis P. via the ANDA fair.

Papers : - “Chevalier Frank Gatt & The Dunlop Asia Medal” .

Items of Interest : -
George spoke with pride on receiving his gold Medal of The ANS and displayed it along with his Society collection of commemorative & award medals which was the main display at the recent ANDA fair. Gift of a poor white metal medal legend with “Band of Hope instituted 1875”, cardboard badge inscribed Tattersalls AGS 1923 Thursday incl Govt Tax £2/10/- No 551 Not Transferable, quantity of recent NSW Royal Agricultural Show Member & Lady passes, very nice 1934 Victorian Centenary badge enamelled with Emu (no maker),1934 NSW Sheep Breeders Assoc. Councillor badge plus other items.

Aust 1d Australasian token of Hanks & Lloyd ex Dunbar, 1998 Bris ANDA RAM fair medal & 1998 “B” mint mark Aust $1.

Coins from the kingdoms of Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Jordan Morocco, Greece, Egypt, Tonga and Thailand; from empires of Iran, Russia, Ethiopia, Finland, and France; from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Sultan of Brunei, Principality of Monaco, Papal State of Vatican City. France 1 & 2 Euro, 1 Franc (Commemorative World Cup), Netherlands 1996 10 Gulden, 12 ½, 25 & 50 Euro, Greece 12½ Euro and USA Pres. Clinton Inauguration medal.

Roxbury’s auction 1866 Bz 65mm medallion Exhibition of Colonial Products Bris, 1887 Bz 48mm medallion Towers Pastoral and Agricultural Ass 2nd prize Walking Horse.

1680 1 Ore Denmark Queen Christina, 1777 10 Kopeck Empress Catherine, 1565 30 Shillings Mary Queen of Scots c/m with thistle. 1935 Aust Catholic Education Congress Adelaide badge, sil ? nurses badge Children’s Hospital Melbourne inscribed 8 5 23 – 15 5 26, 1925 pin 4th ABC Adelaide, 29th Eucharist Conference Syd (made in USA) medal (not in Carlisle), Philippine Numismatic & Antiquarian Soc (founded Mar 16 1929) medal, plus other items.

Greece 1963 30 Drachmas Centennial of Royal Family, 1853 France Napoleon III, Sweden 1972 10 Kronor, 50 Kronor 1976 Wedding of Carl Gustav, Jordan 1977 ¼ Dinar 25th Anniv of King Hussian, Aust 1977 50c Hutt River Province Prince Leonard. Recent acquisitions – USA 1962 Seattle World Fair $1 Expo money, Canadian 1994 Canadian Numismatic Convention Hamilton medal, 1980 Moscow Olympics sponsor medal.

Spain 1796 8 Reales Charles IIII, 100 Pesetas 1975 Juan Carlos, Belgium 5 Fancs 1869 Leopold II, Denmark 5 Kronen 1975 Margrethe II, Naples & Sicily 120 Grano 1833 Ferdinands II, Netherlands 2½ Guilder 1937 Wilhelmina, France 5 Francs 1834 Louis Philippe. Aust 2000 Olympics $5 coins for Cycling, Football & Triathlon, Maryborough Sesqui-centenary State of Origin Bowls medal.

Belgium 1870 5 Francs Leopold II, !976 250 Francs Baudouin x 2 French & Flemish, Bhutan 179 3 Ngultrums Jigme Wangchuck, Eriteria 1829 1 Birr Menelik II, 1918 Tallero Empress Zauditu, Germany 1757 medallion of Frederick The Great, 1894 5 Marks Willelm II, German East Africa 1893 2 Rupien Willelm II, Austrian Netherlands 1795 ! Kronenthaler Francis II, Tonga 1967 1 Panga Queen Salote, Uruguay 1983 2000 New Pesos Juan Carlos of Spain. Set of 6 Canning Mint 33mm Cu medals, RAM ANDA Bris June 199832mm Cu medal, Philippine Numismatic Soc medalRecent acquisitions – set of 6 Unc Canning Mint 33mm Cu medals, RAM ANDA Bris June 98 32 mm Cu medal, Philippine Numismatic & Antiquarian Soc AE 43 mm medal, England 1897 Ae 32mm Victoria’s Jubilee 4 Generations of Royal Family medal.

Thailand set of 18 diff coins of King Rama 9th & Family, Tonga 50 Seniti 1967, Belgium 1865 medal for death of King Leopold I, Germany 2 Marks 1901 William II & medal to William II, Mexico 8 Reales 1809 M Ferdinand 7th, Netherlands 1937 2½ G Queen Wilhelmina, Portugal 1898 500 Reis King Carlos I, Sweden 2 Kronor 1907 King Oscar II, Denmark2 Kronor 1892 King Christian 9th , Russia 1 Rouble 1772 Catherine II. Recent acquisitions – photos from Coffs Harbour & conference medal, 4 RNA judges badges for 1968/1971/1973/1975, Car 1936/5 Edward VIII medal, Parliament House medal, ANDA Coin Fair 1998 Bris medal, Ipswich ATC & Stephens Raceway tokens ex Amor stock, German token to Braunschweig, 2 minor Greek coins Kyzikos 4th – 3rd century BC, 1916 German medal war related, 3 Sarawak coins 1927 10 cents, 1870 1 cent, 1937H 1 cent.

Members Forum : - Melvin spoke on the proposed itinerary of the Royal Historical Society Matthew Flinders Bi-centenary in 1999.

ANDA FAIR The Queensland Branch participated on the Saturday & Sunday of the ANDA FAIR held at the Convention Centre in Brisbane on the 13 & 14th June. George prepared an impressive display of The Society’s commemorative and award medals together with badges. The table also displayed some of our previous journals and local NEWS BULLETINS.Although we were positioned at the rear of the fair, there was a constant number of interested people to view the table. Invitations to attend a General Meeting were distributed freely and some Application for Membership forms were given out together with past copies of the NEWS BULLETIN. However we only received the one application for membership considering the effort of attending members in particular George . On Sunday, Ernie had the good thought to have the RAM countertstamp our Invitation with their 1 Dollar coin stamp as a novelty and excess copies were available to members at the June General Meeting.It would appear that the advertising for the fair brought out many interested people, be they stamp, phonecard or coin & banknote collectors but they are not interested in being part of a society.

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