The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 430 16th July 1998

There were 19 members, friends, relatives, visitor Warren A. and Guest Speaker Peter Dornan in attendance.

General Business : - Application for Junior Membership for Curtis P. passed for processing by Sydney.

Papers : - “A Brush with a Sculptor” and “Queensland’s First Bank Site” .

Items of Interest : -
A good selection Andor Meszaros medals. 1926 Wattle Day badge by Stokes & Sons Melb; Princess Alexandra Hos. nurses badge by Myers & Co Bris No 881; Enoggera Masonic Ball 1940 Debutante by WB in silver.

A large range of coins from all around the world illustrating various art & art objects from Australia to Solomon Islands. Italian gaming token used in billiard/token tables received as change in Ireland instead of 20 Pence coin; 1990 25 Roubles in .999 palladium.

Agricultural medals – 1862 Queensland First Fruit by Wyon; 1877 Agric. Ass of Qld, Tobacco awarded bronze; 1897 Queen Vic. Diamond Jubilee Qld Police medal; Nov. 1918 Peace Celebrations by Charles Hanford; School of Mines NZ gold medal by A Teutonberg. Fobs, Commercial Amateur Swimming Club 1918 (CG Irish) & 1940 (life member) by FW Nissen.

Display of coins & medals depicting statues and art objects – Vatican Pieta medal; 1988 USSR 5 Roubles Peter The Great; 1879 Sydney Expo awarded; 1878 Paris Expo awarded; 1956 Melb Olympics by A Meszaros.

3 stg sil medals showing Pieta by Michelangelo; Perseus with the head of Medusa by Cellini; David by Donatello from the set “The Treasures of the Renaissance” by Franklin Mint. Finishers medal of The Sydney to Surf Run.

Medals - 1863 Marriage of Prince of Wales to Alexandra; 1818 John Milton commemorative; 1814 Alexandra of Russia visit to England; 1831-1888 Frederick III of Germany; 1815 Von Blucher & Wellington; 1883/84 Calcutta Royal Exhibition. A Guide to British Military Tokens by John F. Yarwood.Colin also ran a video of the ABC’s recent Landline programme on a collection of agricultural medals to be auctioned by Nobles in Melbourne in July.

Aust Women’s Bowling Council Rev. 9th Women’s World Bowls 2000 heads and tails tossing “coin” in antique brass finish featuring a koala bear. Ed donated a spare Bris ANDA/RAM medal for a member not able to obtain an example.

12 diff Expo 88 badges & pins; crude lead uniface medal for the 75th Anniversary of Scouting 1907/83; 23mm brass M&N Car Wash 2000 token depicting Syd Harbour Bridge.


Our guest speaker Mr Peter Dornan presented this year’s talk titled “Sculpture with Aspects of Numismatics”.

Peter is a physiotherapist specialising in sports medicine.He trained for 10 years under a Russian artist in Melbourne before he was happy with his efforts. His art specialises in anatomy and sculptures showing motion. The hour long talk was complimented by 2 of his statues – Ariadne and Bruce Kingsbury, VC. Also he passed around examples of the stages of production in the manufacture of his medals. These were produced for 1995 Australian Society of the History of Medicine (Brass) and 1995 Centenary of the AMA-BMA in Queensland (Bronze and Silver). His method of medal manufacture uses a plasticine original sculpture which allows reworking of the subject, transferred to an intaglio followed by the cire perdu (lost wax) method of casting using a silicone rubber mould. The statue of Bruce Kingsbury stands approximately 40 cm tall in an action mode and an Owen gun on hip. Bruce was a Victoria Cross winner from WW II in the Kokoda New Guinea campaign. He was a member of one of the most decorated units. The story of Bruce’s actions moved Peter to begin to write a book soon to be published, entitled “The Silent Men”. All his work is thoroughly researched before he commences. So much so that he has visited sites in the Middle East and traversed the Kokoda Trail to gain an insight into the conditions the soldiers faced.Currently he is working on a statue of Sir Neville Howse, the first Australian V.C. winner, who won his decoration in the Boer War. Howse is also the only Australian doctor to gain this award. Peter limits his artistic output to a maximum of four sculptures a year, each taking hundreds of hours to complete. With the exception of his medals, the greatest number of copies of his work is five plus his own example. President Bernie thanked Peter for his contribution and presented him with a copy of our Vincent Read book and the Society's Certificate Of Appreciation.

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