The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 432 18th September 1998

There were 13 members and visitors Michael K. and Graeme’s daughter Sheryl, were in attendance in The Resource Centre, Newstead House, Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, Brisbane.

Meeting Topic: New South Wales

Papers: “The Girls’ Brigade” by B. B.

Report: “A Visit to The Abbey Medieval Tournament” by M. W..

Talks: Leo spoke of the 9 Holey Dollars handled by Reads Rare Books over 50 years. These included the best @ £20, the dearest @ $18,000 and the worst @ $520.Displays:
C.T.: ANS medals - silver & bronze 1955 Sydney Mint Centenary; alum 1987 Port Macquarie Convention; 1984 Hyde Park Barracks; 1985 Parliament House; 75th 1913-1988; NSW State Rail locker token; Car 1966/13 ANS 1st Numismatic Convention Bz;1988 Sydney Monorail token. Recent acquisitions – Car 1966/13 ANS 1st Numis Convention alum & silver; 1901English penny in uncirculated condition; Carlton Crest Hotel door lock card.
M.W.:Communion tokens - 1926 Sydney Scots Church; 1882 Lismore St Paul’s Church; 1933 Manning River Free Church; Sydney St George’s Church. Food tokens – 1d Greatheads Stores; ½d Jack’s Butchery Newtown; Rices’s Butchery Burke. Checks – Eden Manly 3d and 6d. Recent acquisitions – new book “A Good Show” Colonial Queensland at International Exhibitions.
B.B: Blouse with Girls Brigade badges and certificates plus other badges as per paper. 8 different enamel badges featuring NSW State floral emblem, the Waratah.Recent acquisitions – IOR fob 1924- 25 by W Bishop; tinny Church of England CMBS; CE badge for 1964 Brisbane Convention; sil fob No 8 Dist Rifle Team 1959; metal disk QGK 582 possibly Qld Government Key identification tag; enamel badge YWMM Methodist Church; enamel badge Boiler Makers Society of Aust by WA maker; Bulimba State School Past Pupil badge.
M.K.: 1992 Olympic Medal Collection; 1988 Australia 200 Years medal collection; 1990/1991 Clashes For The Ashes medal collection; Scottish & Welsh one pound coins.
G.S.: A good selection of NSW numismatic material with the theme – the Holey Dollar incl an album with HD research, correspondence, publications and photographs; see page 11 for details. Recent acquisitions – An All Hallows School blazer pocket with a quantity of badges incl Captain and Prefect; badge 20 Year Long Service to Australian Red Cross engraved ‘for 35 Years Service’ plus a stainless disk ‘Brisbane Hospital’ and named.
F.S.:1813 NSW 15 pence dump; medallions Sydney International Exhib 1879 Ae 76mm; Car 1888/1 Aust Centenary Ae 51mm; Car 1888/14 Exhib Womens Industries Ar 39mm; Car 1914/4 Sydney/Emden Ar 39mm; Car 1928/3 Eucharist Congress Ae/Ar 40mm; Car 1938/1 Amor 50th Anniv Ae/Ar 39mm; Car 1972/3 Barrier Highway Ae 44mm; Royal Agricultural Soc of NSW hat badge Ae 50mm; Car 1979/8 Metropolitan Coin Club of Syd Bi-centenary Death of Cpt Cook Ar & Ae 57mm; City to Surf Run Finishers medal 1991 Ae 48mm; Snowy Mts Scheme World Tunnel Record Shield 1959 Ae 46 x 38mm; Opera Hse Opening 1973 Ae 38mm; NSW Ambulance Trans Service Ae 37mm. Recent acquisitions - Set of four 1979 WA 150 Year’s medals Ar, Ae, Cn & Brass; cased 1902 Coronation medal Ae 39mm; cased shield Bristol Air Pageant Ae 30 x 28mm.
D.W.: Hurstville Cpt Cook Bi- centenary medals in gold, silver and bronze finish. Recent acquisition – 1918 Christmas card depicting a Rising Sun badge; WW I Mothers & Widows badge on black silk ribbon with 2 stars.
J.C.: Sydney Harbour Tunnel official medals in antique gold and copper finishes; crude cast silver medallion Sydney 1973 depicting the Opera House. Recent acquisition – book “Ipswich Remembers” Military Heritage 1860’s – 1990; YMCA badges 1 engraved “Prefect” by Hanford, 1 with ribbon “Vikings” by Wallace Bishop Bris; YWCA appeal badge for 5/- by W.B; XII Brisbane 1982 Commonwealth Games bowling pin.

Members Forum:
Graeme reminded members of various forthcoming events.

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