The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 433 16th October 1998

There were10 members, 3 visitors and guests were in attendance in The Resource Centre, Newstead House, Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, Brisbane. QNS member, Mr Stephen A. had accepted our President’s invitation to attend this meeting.

Meeting Topic: Guest Speaker and Youth Groups.

Talk: Guest Speaker Mr Keith Youth “The Boys Brigade”. See separate report.

Papers: “Pins of the 1998 Commonwealth Games” by G. G.

Displays: M.W.: Framed display of relatively current metal BB badges; BB manuals; copy 1990 ANS Journal with the paper detailing Boys Brigade badges used in Queensland. Recent acquisition - 1886 Colonial and Indian Exhibition London featuring Albert, Edward, Prince of Wales Executive President by LC Wyon participants medal given to all entrants.Bernie Begley: Two belts, one for the Boys Brigade and the other for the Scouts. Recent acquisitions – 4 ACF badges.
B.B. supplied a display although away in NZ.
G.S.: Sth Aust School Patriotic fund badges incl sil Service Aeroplane; 9 Junior Red Cross badges of various types & manufacturers; Vict Dept of Education Children’s Patriotic badges; 2 diff NSW CWA YS (Younger Set?) badges; Charlie Chuckles Club kookaburra badge; various airline Junior Flier badges incl TWA Junior Hostess; Pan Am; TAA and British Airways; 2 diff Lifebuoy League of Health Guards badges. Recent acquisitions – Large green plastic “½ Half” token for the Brisbane River Festival by A J Parkes; American Red Cross triangular badge no maker; St George Sailing Club badge by Miller & Sons Syd; selection of other badges incl 10 Year Service Bris Entertainment Centre.
F.S.: 5 Australian medaletes that may have been presented to Australian school children – Car 1934-35/1 Centenary of Victoria/Melbourne; Car 1937/10 Coronation of George and Elizabeth; Car 1938/5 Australia’s 150th Anniversary; Car 1951/6 50 Years of the Commonwealth; Car 1954/12 Royal Visit to Victoria. Recent acquisition – Car 1888/4 Centenary of Cpt Cook; Romania medallion 65mm Ae aUnc Obv Carol I Rev Ornate building/church dated 1897. Carol I was Prince from 1866 to 1881 and King from 1881 to 1914. Romania was named by the Romans and was invaded several times. In 1877 the country gained its independence (from Turkey), and became a monarchy in 1881.
M.M.: Rural Youth Organisation badge from Maryborough complete with original membership card. Recent acquisition – 1998 RAM Sydney 2000 Olympic coins complete with the album.
B.V.: Recent acquisitions – 7 world coins including 1973 10 Mark East Germany; 1966 Irish 10/-; 1891 Mexico 8 Reales; 1901 French Indo-china Piastre.John Cook: Tray of Girl Guide badges including a variety of World, Promise and achievement badges; early enamel Girls’ Life Brigade badge incorporating a small red cross; 1912 Australian League of Boy Scouts Qld Branch enrolment/registration card.Recent acquisition – Brass & white enamel badge Nundah Centenary 1838 – 1938 in the form of a brick.

Members Forum: Those members that had a chance to look at their NAA Journal felt that it was a very good production.

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