The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 434 20th November 1998

There were 11 members were in attendance in The Resource Centre, Newstead House, Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, Brisbane.

Meeting Topic: Banknotes  & Paper Items plus Quiz.

Papers: “Busch and Banknotes” by C.T and “Dutch Vessel Batavia” by E R.

Displays: C.T.: Notgeld banknotes from 1920 German inflationary period concentrating on the town of Gatersleben. Recent acquisitions – Aust 1998 RAM “Coins of the 20th Century” silver cased set; 1986 Netherlands gold ducat; 1937 English crown; 1998 Brazil bi-metal 1 Real coin; Aust 1998 50 cent Bass & Flinders commem coin; NZ Edward VIII 50th Anniv wooden medallion; 6 Qld RNA badges 1922-23, 1938, 1967 Lady, 1972 Lady and 1975 Lady.
G.G: Displayed various local discount vouchers and promotional notes with one from the QLD Public Service Credit Union for $1,000,000; political funny money from Aust National League for $51. Recent acquisitions – Aust 1998 5 & 10 cent coins.
M.W: Paper/card tokens from Free Presbyterian Church including Free Presbyterian Church of Grafton and Sydney Baptist Church.
C.G: Some banknotes from S E Asia incl Geo VI One Rupee of the Govt of India over printed“Military Administration of Burma Legal Tender in Burma Only” and 100 Vatu of Vanuatu. Recent acquisitions – Mexico 200 Peso commemorating 75th Anniv of the Revolution.
G.S.: Collection of early Golden Casket Art Union tickets; 1918 ANZAC Cottage Fund ticket; Vic Education Dept Certificate of a Child being Sufficiently Educated; The Victorian League in Qld 3d raffle ticket circa 1940; ACF Qld Div Signals Branch 3d raffle ticket; Recent acquisitions – Red enamel QATB cap badge; silver ? hand made badge ‘Toowoomba Liedertafel’; NZ Pope Paul II Pastoral Visit 1986 in wood; NZ Junior Red Cross badge; Westpac Sydney 2000 badge; 1996 Olympic Atlanta VISA badge.
F.S.: Selection of world banknotes featuring ships/boats etc. Argentina 1000 Peso; Bahamas $1; Equatorial Guinea 50 Ekule; French Overseas Territories 5 F; St Pierre & Miquelon 5 F; Malta 1 Lira; Maldives Is x 3 1Rupee, 2 x 5 Rupee; Mauritius 5 Rupee; NZ x 3 £1, £5 & £10; Noumea 20 F; Paraguay 500 Guaranies; Peru 10 Soles; Saudi Arabia 5 Riyals; Singapore x 3 $1, $2, & $50. Also displayed was a Mafeking siege note for 10 shillings. Recent acquisitions – Royal Life Saving medal Ae 31mm aUnc loop suspender awarded D Watherspoon Y H C 28-2-15.
M.M.: Album of Aust Decimal banknotes including some star notes. Recent acquisitions – Aust 1998 5 cent, 20 cent and 50 cent coins.
J.C: Collection of Australian Money Orders, C of A Postal Orders, and Aust C of A Postal Notes from Qld, NSW, Vic and SA in various denominations including $2.00 decimal note. Recent acquisition – Various badges incl 5AD 1970 Dog House Club Kennelmaster for 20 cents; epoxy finish Ex-Prisoners of War Assn Q by AJ Parkes; Qld Turf Club Press Season 971-72; Air Force Assoc with 46 date tag by KG Luke; and MPI Benevolent Fund appeal pin for 5/- by Amor.

Quiz – An “easy” 20 question quiz was presented to the members by Leo. It was won by G.S. and he was presented with a book “Camden College – A Centenary History”. George will now prepare the next quiz.

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