The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 435 18th December 1998

There were 23 members and friends were in attendance in The Resource Centre, Newstead House, Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, Brisbane.

Meeting Topic: Religious Items, Other Collectables and Christmas Social.

General Business: Melvin displayed the December Issue of the Aust Coin Review with a photograph of members and Dirk von Mücke with details on Dirk and his wife Renate attending our Annual Dinner in November. C.T advised that he had provided a quantity of uncirculated 1967 English sixpences for attending members.

Displays: C.T.: Displayed a variety promotional items from his employer which has had various name changes over the years including ACF & Shirley Fertilisers, Austral Pacific Fertilisers, Consolidated Fertilisers and currently Incitec. Items included mugs, ties, tie pins, cuff links, ID badges, knife, bottle opener and key rings. Recent acquisitions – an album of poems by Wilhelm Busch down loaded from the Internet; current John Petit catalogue; book “First 50 Years of Legacy” by Mark Lyons; original 1927 letter from Joseph Goebbels to Dirk von Mücke’s father Hellmulth, First Officer of the SMS Emden.
G.G.: Displayed a quantity of post cards sent from his various world sporting venues to members of his family and work mates. These included 1986 Scotland, 1986 Paris, Sydney 1986, Auckland 1990,Atlanta 1996 and Perth 1998.
B.V.: Collection of world coins with a religious theme including 25 Vatican City coins from circulation prior to 1980.
L.S.: Displayed some ornate chains with a numismatic connections in the form of fobs medallions for 1926 9ct Eveready Co Single Sculls Champion; 1913 stg sil 7 Mile Handicap Kangaroo Point Junior Cycle Club; Federated Railway Loco Enginemen’s Assoc of Australasia 9ct (Qld Branch). She also displayed a collection of drink coasters including many from RSL clubs and a couple depicting the holey dollars.
V.S.: Spoke very proficiently on her collection of dolls from various countries in their traditional costumes. Countries included were NZ Maori, Bali, Scotland with kilt and bagpipe and 2 Philippine dolls, one in a formal style and the other in an every day attire.
B.B.: Spoke at length on NZ silver and his recent trip to NZ and the search for silver items. Displayed a large tri-handled silver cup dated 1912 from Kilbirnie NZ awarded for ½ Mile Ladies Skating to be won 3 times in succession or 4 times at intervals distributed by Stewart Dawson & Co;  NZ sil spoon awarded by the from Hawkes Bay Batt; sil NZ shooting award medal 1869 and 1870 complete with green ribbon suspender. Recent acquisitions – Large gold lodge jewel Past Grand Sire Australasia IOOF for Splendid Services to the Order 1933 – 1936; embroided doily Brisbane Jubilee Bridge ( Story Bridge) Stone Laid May 24th 1935; Waihi Fire Brigade medal for 5 Years Service Completed 27 5 13; Little Southlanders Joyful Times  (Invercargill) 9 ct gold badge; Royal Agricultural Soc of NZ gold medal Royal Champion Thorough Bred Entire 1948; god fob Championship of Otago Middle Weight Championship1906.
M.W.: Medals of St Mark The Apostle Copt Orth CH Canberra; St Matthews C of E New Norfolk Tasmania’s Oldest Church 150th Anniv 1975 alum; 50 Golden Years of Priesthood Patrick Francis Cardinal Moran 1854 – 1904 in bronze.
E.R: Displayed 3 silver Vatican souvenir medals all with John Paul II and 3 diff reverses 1x Our Lady with infant Jesus, 1 x St Peter’s Basilica and 1 x Our Lady of SorrowsCraig Gubby: Dangled a bag of “gold” coins and then later proceeded to freely distribute them to anyone who needed a chocolate fix!
G.S.: WW I silk scarf with 81 Australian servicemen’s names, 46 on 17th Batt Roll, 10 being KIA and 2 DOW, 1 signed the flag twice, and 1 received a MM and bar; postcard Silver Leaves from Table Mountain Cape Town WW I circa; shell encrusted wine bottle recovered from wreck “Changchow” Fraser Is circa 1860; lamont soda bottle from the ship wrecked “Scottish Prince” Southport Bar 1887; Coca Cola bottle with Chinese characters brought back from tour of China. Recent acquisitions – RSL badge with backing plate Totally Permanently Disabled; group of shooting medals from City of  Brisbane Rifle Club by AJP; St Mary’s School Erskineville badge; several sailing and yacht club badges.
D.W.: Recent acquisitions – silver cap badge C ? ATB Committee; enamel badge “Rising Sun” type with Aust flag in the centre & “R” (Riverina?) superimposed on the flag by Hunter Bros Wagga; Aust 1998 coins from circulation.
F.S.: 1928 Eucharistic Congress Sydney 40mm silvered Br Pope Pius XI; similar 21mm Pope Pius XI with angles on the reverse and made in Germany; 2 x silver 35mm Vatican medals with Pope Paul XI on the obverse and reverses with St Peters and Pieta; 1986 Papal visit to SE Asia Nov/Dec 1986; Sunday Telegraph 1993 Pope/Mary McKillop medal; St Francis Xavier Convent School Mackay Golden Jubilee 1935/1985. Less than 50 presented gilt 30mm by Perfection Sydney; Expo 88 The Pavilion of the Holy See 40mm gilt by AJP; St Paul’s Cathedral London/ Sir Christopher Wren gilt 38mm medal; Opening of Our Lady of the Sea Catholic Church Cleveland 1973 33mm silver, bronze and ox sil by AJP. Recent acquisitions –Crowns 1936 Mozambique 10 Escudos sil 31mm; 1946 Vietnam 1 Dong alum 32mm; Great Britain farthings 1904 aUnc and 1910 EF.
J.C.: WWII Presbyterian and Methodist Soldiers Welfare £2000 Appeal brochure.Recent acquisition – Redcliffe Ambulance 1/- appeal pin; 3 bank books covering continuous period 1934 to 1950 for The Queensland National Bank Limited which then became The National Bank of Australasia Limited.

Members Forum:
C.T. conveyed a message from Dirk and Renate von Mückethat they had enjoyed our Annual Dinner and wished all a very Merry Christmas.

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