The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 438 19th March 1999

15 members attended in The Resource Centre, Newstead House, Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, Brisbane.

Meeting Topic: Money Boxes & Coin Holders plus Tender Sale.

General Business: Flinders Bicentenary Medal - President Melvin called on Fred S. to report on their meeting with the Matthew Flinders Bicentenary Queensland 1999  organisation on the 16th March re the possibility of producing commemorative medal with them. After this, a motion was put to the meeting and passed that we proceed with our involvement with the Flinders Bicentenary Queensland 1999 organisation to cooperate and produce a medal. A further motion was put and passed that Melvin  and Fred  be authorised to be our representatives on this project with the above organisation.Melvin is to attend A J Parkes on the 24th March with Prof John Pearn to establish costs and our liabilities.Melvin advised that a Combined ANS/QNS Open Day will be held in the Resource Centre on Monday 3rd May - Labour Day Holiday. Graeme advised that the QNS who are organising this year’s day, were proposing the following topics for the displays as follows:1 – Australiana; 2 – Banknotes; 3 – British Commonwealth; 4 - Tokens, Checks & Associated Items; 5 Thematic. An additional topic of Odd & Curious was added.Also the Redcliffe Coin Club Inc will be producing a “Flinders” commemorative medal by Bruce Canning limited to 50 copper and 10 silver.

Papers: “Special Olympian Ben” by C.T.

Displays: -C.T.: Dinosaur money box. Recent acquisitions – 1992 British Proof 10 P; E W Coles tokens D 49 and D 102; 2 different rolled coins showing Zeppelin Airship from Frankfurt in 1994.
G.G.: A collection of dealer coin & medal packets and envelopes including Crawford, Central Stamp & Coins, M R Roberts, Keating Numismatics, Taylors Coin Service, Colonial Rare Coins, Brisbane Coin Gallery. Also a range of packages from the RAM and Commonwealth Bank. Recent acquisitions – Medal to commemorate 15th Anniv of Simon Townsend’s Wonderworld.
B.B.: Bernie gave a good insight into banking activities in relation to the recording and accounting of money boxes, bank bags, coin trays, coin, and banknotes. Displayed 1940’s wood telephone money box for 2d a call. Recent acquisitions – Gold Coast lodge jewel showing clasped hands stating Friendship, Trust & Truth 1939 – 40 in 9 ct gold together with a silver fob with similar wording; Boys Brigade arm patch with a large quantity of metal badges including recent epoxy types; Royal Life Saving Society 1934 awarded medal complete with its original case; 3 commemorative ribbons for 50th Anniv Kokoda Trail, Milne Bay & Kokoda Trail, and Milne Bay; oblong POW Honorary Collector badge with painted red cross and blue enamel surround; 1916 stg sil ANZAC Commemorative medal; 1932 Claremont 59th Anniv badge by A B Mansell & Son.
M.M.: An example of Commonwealth Bank metal money box.
G.S.: Collection of various money/coin holders including steel, silver plated, gold plated and stg silver sovereign cases; leather pouch capable of holding up to 9 sovereigns; pocket money box; mint tube of 1967 English unc halfpennies. Recent acquisitions – Boys Brigade corporals arm patch from 3rd Lismore Company containing a quantity metal badges; French Indo-China crown size coin; 3 different aluminium dog tags from Millmerran (Qld); silver and gold fobs awarded for boxing circa 1920; 9 ct gold lodge jewel from Vic ? by G Muir (Melbourne Maker).
D.W.: Recent acquisitions – Book My Corps Calvary – The History of the 13th Light Horse Regiment WWI; USA 2000 ¼ Dollar for Delaware State – US Mint has requested all other states to submit designs of coins for the new millennium; Legacy Royal Visit 1954 appeal badge; enamel badge with Maltese Cross Soldiers & Sailors C of E Help Society by W Bishop; WWII Merchant Navy original badge together with a reproduction; WW I enamel British badge depicting Maple Leaf for National Federation of Discharged & Demoblilized Sailors & Soldiers complete a reduced photo copy of the original accompanying certificate.
F.S.: Modern plastic coin bags for $50 of Aust $2, $10 of Aust 10, 20 and 50 Cent coins. Recent acquisitions – Olympic medals USA ? 3 x 32mm gilt 1896 – 1984 1 x Germany 1936 Berlin 37mm Cu; 1 x unknown origin 30mm gilt 1906 – 1981 50 Olympians.
J.C.: An album of bank coin wrappers, bags, bag tags and WW II Commonwealth Savings Bank pay packets. Some of these packets had slogans for the war effort and others had instructions for growing various vegetables to become self sufficient during those trying times. Also included was a Methodist Dept of Christian Education coin gift envelope depicting predecimal coins. Recent acquisitions – Endeavour Foundation 10 Year Service badge.

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