The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 440 21st May 1999

12 members attended in The Resource Centre, Newstead House, Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, Brisbane.

Meeting Topic: Odd, Curious & Primitive.

General Business: Melvin discussed the forth-coming ANDA show and arranged a schedule of members to man the Society stand. George Snelgrove to be the liaison officer. Melvin distributed the ANS/QNS Exhibitors medals to the members who were present and then thanked George for arranging the necessary engraving.

Papers: “The Drayton & Toowoomba Agricultural Medal” by M.W.;  “RNA Membership Badges” by J.C..

Displays: - B.B.: “Lumps of silver” including Pert Mint 10 oz ingot, 2 silver bars of approx 10 oz with Annamese marks circa 1860; 5 oz Yunnan with Chinese characters; silver 10 oz Pack Saddle; 4 Baht Changmai. Recent acquisitions - The Life Boys hat badge; Flower Day enamel badge; Bris? ASFC badge by Flavell; Matthew Flinders Girls School Geelong badge; 1930 Warwick (QLD) Fire Brigade Board medal for 21 Years Service with Life Saving medal to same recipient; silver 1895 Lily Medal from Bris Boys Grammar School awarded to Frank Walker Upper School.
B.V: Ben went to the trouble referring to the dictionary for definitions and found that “odd” was “strange, unusual or curious” while “curious” was “strange, unusual or odd”. He then proceeded to present examples from his collection for odd or curious shapes and values of world coins. Some on display were 1987 Cook Is $2.00 triangular shaped; 1963 Czechoslovakia 3 Halere; 1933 Egypt 2½ Milliemes; Recent acquisitions - 1983 Isle of Man set of 4 crowns for Bicentenary of Flight; 1988 Isle of Man set of 6 crowns for Bicentenary of Australia depicting various animals; 1999 Canada set of 12 25 Cent coins plus mint token for the year 2000.
M.M.: Old Dutch strap-on milking stool. Ben was able to elaborate on its use. Recent acquisitions - latest
issue of Syd 2000 $5.00 coins for Tennis, Taewon-do and Basketball.
G.S.: Selection of odd and curious items from his cabinet  Recent acquisitions - Silver scouting Thanks Badge by A J Parkes; 4GR 11 O’Clock KR Letter Time Pals green enamel badge by Wallace Bishop; 1999 ANZAC badges; box of Masons miniature ivory symbols including trowel, square, plumb level, plumb bob, rule, gavel and dividers; vest of 8 Buffalo jewel including a 25 year commemorative of the Grovely Branch.
C.G.: 1930 English penny;  bi-metal model penny; Chinese spade money. Recent acquisitions - 20
Cent coins from Zimbabwe in South Africa.
E.R.: Ed displayed an early German Standard 8 movie camera purchased in Heindorf SA; very thick
early Thomas Edison  78 RPM records.
M.W.: Recent acquisitions - book “Fortitude - Dr Lang’s Vision for Queensland and The United Evangelical Church”.
G.G.: Pins from unsuccessful cities bidding for the Olympic Games - 1992 Amsterdam; 1996 Melbourne & Toronto; 2000 Manchester; 2004 Puerto Rico & Rio de Janeiro and 1940 badge for the Helsinki Games which did not eventuate. Also displayed silver CBA Bank medal for 1976 Montreal games where Aust had a very poor result; 1937 Edward VIII Coronation medal. Recent acquisitions - 1937 Portadown Music Festival Geo VI Coronation; 1969 NZ Cook Bicentenary commemorative medal.
F.S.: 3 x Silver Tetradrachm of Alexandra the Great circa 333 BC; silver bullet money of SE Asia; shell money; shell necklet; armlet; boars tusks from PNG. Recent acquisitions - GB Coronation medallion George V Ae 51 mm aUnc; Aust medalet Car 1900/8 Ae aUnc Baden Powell / Mafeking; gold fob Wide Bay Dairy Co-op 30 mm Australian Championship 1927; Serbia 1904 silver 5 Dinara.
J.C.: 2 x 1 Ride Token NCV / Dazzleland 1 x with Myer spelt correctly & 1 x spelt Meyr. Recent acquisitions - 1915 New South Wales Division of the Australian Branch of the British Red Cross  Annual Membership card issued at Inverell.

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