The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 441 18th June 1999

16 members attended in The Resource Centre, Newstead House, Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead,Brisbane.

Meeting Topic: Ancients and Guest Speaker Dr Peter Lewis.

General Business: Melvin thanked all the members who helped out at the ANDA Fair. Flinders Bicentenary discussed with Melvin & Fred to attend Medal Committee meeting on the 29/6/99. Also a medal to be available at the climb to Flinders Peak on Sunday 11/7/99. Members were advised that the Qld Branch had suggested to Sydney that the Biennial Conference be held at Port Macquarie in June 2000. Members were advised that Melvin was preparing an index for the last 3 years of the NEWS BULLETIN and that George was investigating costs of binding the issues. Contact George if you wish to have your Bulletins bound also. Melvin presented Ben with an un-inscribed ANS/QNS Exhibitors medal for his help on the Open Day.

Papers: “The Cole Furphy Connection” by C.T.; “A Handful of Roman Coins” by L. McC;
“Early Christian Symbolism” by B.B..

Displays: - B B: 1960 Iona College School badge; silver pyx engraved with HIS; Nero Claudius Caesar Sestertius; 2 x
fish shaped badges with Greek letters. Recent acquisitions - Perth Mint 1 ox $1 silver Kookaburra coin for his display at ANDA Fair; Toowoomba badge by Muir & Walker Toowoomba; WWI Home League badge; WWI Widows Ribbon with 2 stars; 1947 silver Don Bosco Boys Club fob. C T: Wang Hang (9 AD - 23 AD) Ta Chuan Wu Shin, Great Coin Fifty, “Male” Coin Pu Chuan, Huo Chuan (small & large hole), Huo Chuan Hsin Dynasty, Hsiao-Ch’uan Chin-yi; Emporer Hui Tsung (AD 1101-25 Value 5; Northern Sung Dynasty (AD 960-1127) Value 10; Northern Sung Dynasty Chih Tao Yuan Pao; Hsi (west) An Dynasty 206 BC - 6AD) Wu-s-chu; T’ang Dynasty (618-907 AD) Kai Yuan T’ung Pao. Recent acquisitions - 1991 QNS 5th Year medallion; Coles token D86; 1999 Redcliffe Coin Club Matthew Flinders medallion; Essex Waltahstow copper ½ d token; Ipswich Greyhound entry token (Amor stock token); Rockhampton Racing entry token ( Amor stock token); 1917 German 50 Pf Kriegsgeld; post card showing “Euro Coinage”.
B V: Ancient - “Belonging to times long past”; Antique -“Made in bygone days”. 1780 Austria Maria Theresia Thaler (copy), 1890 8 Florins; 1861 Belgium 5 Centimes, 1894 19 Centimes; 1875 Denmark 2 Ore; Germany 6 Kreuzer (Wuertemberg) 1839, 1 Kreuzer (Baden) 1852, 2 Pfennig 1856 (Hannover), 1 Pfennig 1856 (Prussia); India ¼ Anna 1858; Mexico 8 Reales 1891; The Low Countries (Netherlands) 1 Stoter 1586, 1 Duits Frisia 1682 & 1745, Hollandia 1702, Overijssel 1709, Zeeland 1736 & 1748, Holland 1746, Utrecht 1746, Gelria 1788, City- Utrecht 1791, West Fresia 1840, 3 Gulden 1824.
Recent acquisitions - 4 x 1980 crowns Isle of Man, Lake Placid, Moscow, Olympics. E B: Indo Greek - Bactrian Drachm; Antimachos 3rd 171 - 160 BC. Roman - Crispus 317 - 326 AD; Helena 1st wife of Constantius 293 - 305 AD; Constantine I 307 - 337 AD; Probus 276 - 292 AD B/T of Alexandria of Year 2 eagle standing. Recent acquisitions - Aust 1999 $1 B, S and M mintmarks; $1 dual set International Year of Older Persons & The Last ANZACS.
M M: Recent acquisitions - 1994 Proof Perth Mint Silver Privy marked coin for his display at ANDA Fair; 1999 Aust $1 “B” mintmark RAM coin; new Lighthouse/Vort-Ronald album to house his plastic notes.
G S: An album page with a selection of ancient coins featuring a counter marked Antoninus Pius (Greek Imperial series); Greek silver Tetradram Athena & Owl with chisel chop marks; Byzantine coins; Julius Caesar (Elephant Trampling serpent); Maximianus Follis; Recent acquisitions - China General Omnibus Co Ltd alum transport token; SA Lister medal un-awarded;
Prof Rene Fabre French medal; The Advertiser Team of The Year plaque; Uncle Remus bronze medal; RSL Life Member badge from Newtown Branch; Grafton 1956 Fire Brigade badge; RSL War Service Fund badge.
D W: A couple of “ancient” coins - some counterfeit and the others suspect! Recent acquisitions - Golden Jubilee of Commonwealth Serum Laboratories 1916 - 1966 (unlisted finish).; Qld Swimming medal by FW Nissen; Book “From the Bush to Changi and Back” by John Neville. G G: 1970 Holland 10 Gulden depicting Queen Juliana (young & old); 1901 British Death of Q Victoria medal; 1963 Greece 30 Drachmai Centennial of Royal Greek Dynasty; Recent acquisitions - 1962Perth Commonwealth Games Visitor badge; 1811 Accession of Regent. F S: 3 x silver Tetradrachm - Alexandra?, Ptolemy VI, Alexandria; sil Denarius Hadrian ?; Ae Judean coinage - Ae Antoninianus Gallienus, x 2 Ae Follis Constantine I, Ae Billion Tetra drachm Constantinus II; sil Edward I Penny; plus 10 unidentified ancients: book  “Greek and Roman Coins in the University of Qld” Recent acquisitions - 1688 James II Crown VF.
J C: Recent acquisitions - A collection of rifle & pistol club medals and badges including 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games Duncan Rifle Range badge; Qld Rifle Assn. Centenary 1877 - 1977 badge; The Australia Day Pistol Champ Belmont 1980 50mm dia gilt medal.

Members’ Forum: Colin  has donated some photographs to The Society from last year’s Annual Dinner plus the Committee Members from the last Committee meeting. Graeme advised that he had a copy of the Perth Mint promotional video for viewing when time permits. The centenary of the mint is Sunday 20/6/99.

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