The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 442 16th July 1999

13 members and one visitor attended in The Resource Centre, Newstead House, Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, Brisbane.

Meeting Topic: Vincent Read Address and A Favourite Item.

General Business: Flinders Bicentenary - Melvin advised that he and Fred attended the Medal Committee meeting and that he had the honour of officially launching the medal. We received 42 medals for our $500 contribution to the Flinders Bicentenary. The medals were available on the night for $15.00 each inclusive of case.George & John gave an account of their attendance at the Flinders Peak Ascent on Sunday 11/7/99.  Melvin advised members that an index had been finished and that the binding of our NEWS Bulletin would be $25.00 per volume. George needs to make final arrangements with the  ookbinder.

Vincent Read Address: Leo delivered this year’s address. He provided further aspects of the Vincent Read story not previously published. His reminisces were appreciated by all.

Papers: “The Thistle Merk” by C.T. and “The St Helena 1821 Halfpenny” by M.W..

Displays: -B. B.: - Group of Girl Guide badges on a small blue silk pennant; 30 plus group of Queensland Marching Girl badges on a “handkerchief”; another type of silver Bjelke Petersen Bros green enamel Championship badge by G A M; enamel badge Catholic Club Mackay with 1931date insert; gold voided broach/badge QTC? with safety chain; silver hand made school badge by H F S circa 1912; Commonwealth Banking Corporation badge 1958-1982 period - messenger? by Christie Sydney; All Hallows School silver badge by Wallace Bishop; hand made South Townsville Bowling Club 1967.
E. R.:- Polymer banknote produced by Note Printing Aust for the Second Anniversary of Liberation of Kuwait. 26th Feb 1993 One Dinar.
C .T.: - 1601 Scotland Thistle Merk  James VI; 1603/04 England 1/- James I; 1689 William & Mary ½ Crown; 1817George III  “Bull Neck” ½ Crown; 1852 Victoria Gothic Florin; 1889 Victoria ½ Crown; 1898 Victoria Florin; booklet compiled by Vincent Read “Scotland & Her World-Wide Influence”. Recent acquisitions - Germany 50 Year of Bundesrepublik 1949-1999 1 Mark & 1st Issue stamps in folder; post card from Gretna Green; Deutsche Mark to Euro Money Converter Disc.
M. M.:- Recent acquisitions - A recently completed timber & glass display case to accommodate his Aust banknote collection; Aust 1999 5 Cent coin.
G. S.:- Lodge jewel for services rendered and Sick Visitor badge; Centenary Year 1922 Annual RAS book; USA paper store currency 1 & 5 Cent from Bobby-Ann’s The Store for Women copyright 1934; 2 types of alum the China General Omnibus Co Ltd tokens. Recent acquisitions - Small stone & red leaf from his visit to the summit of Flinders Peak.
D. W.:- Recent acquisitions - WW II Volunteer Air Observer Corp - Chief Observer enamel badge by Stokes; WW I silver British War Medal to a South Brisbane resident in the Airline Section which Don suspects refers to an occupation in Signals.
G.D.S.:- Recent acquisition - Car 1934/11 50 x 38 mm Centenary of Victoria and Sixth Aust Philatelic Exhibit award medal.
G. G.:- Display of a minor theme of world Chamber of Commerce tokens from Canada Victoria British Colombia 1962 $1; Windsor Ontario 1976 $1; Edmonton Alberta $1 1977; Banf Springs Alberta $1 1988; USA 1858 Lake Champion 50 Cent.
Recent acquisitions - 1960 Tweed Heads NSW Volunteer Fire Brigade badge.
M. W.:- Recent acquisition - His second example of an Arthur Yates Seeds medal dated 1908 for an Ipswich recipient.
F. S.:- Matthew Flinders Bicentenary medal; NAV George Bass Commemorative medal; Flinders 1ST day cover and silver medal; Norfolk Is stamp with story of the “Norfolk”; Redcliffe Coin Club commemorative medal for the naming of Redcliffe by Flinders. Recent acquisitions - Perth Mint proof Centenary bi-metallic sovereign.
J. C.: - Recent acquisitions - 1982 Northern Territory Stubloon; Commemorative medal Car 1911/23 West Aust Geo V & Mary Coronation complete with ribbon; bz medal Commemorating 75th Anniv World Guiding; enamel badge Marayong South Public School depicting ship Endeavour; blue enamel badge Holy Cross Caulfield by Bertram Melb.; 50 Years Member epoxy badge for PAFS of A by AJ Parkes; Judge badge and ribbon for  T. P.A & I ASSOCIATION by A J Parkes.

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