The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 443 19th August 1999

15 members and 2 visitors attended in The Resource Centre, Newstead House, Breakfast Creek Road,
Newstead, Brisbane.

Meeting Topic: Middle East & South East Asia and AnnualGeneral Meeting.

Papers: - “Beerburrum State School’s Flinders Medal” by F.S.; “The Middle East and South East Asia” by F.S.; “A School Badge with a Surprise” by B.B.; “One Penny 1936” by E.R..

Displays: -B. B.: - School badges as per paper; selection of Philippine medals including Philippine Numismatic Soc; plus religious themes. Recent acquisitions – WW II USA Pilot Wings badge by Angus & Coote; RSL Life Membership badge for Gympie Sub-branch; Legacy Appeal Badge illustrated card.E. R.: - Coins as per paper.
C .T.: - 1786 Mohar Nepal; 1936 3 Srang; 1852 1 Rupee (Peacock); 1986 10 Baht Thailand (6th Orchid Congress); 1888 20 Cent Hong Kong; 1988 50 Cent Singapore; 1888 1 Cent North Borneo; 1870 1 Cent Sarawak; 1936 1 Penny Papua New Guinea; 1772-1824 Nisshu Gin 2 Shu Japan; 1944S 50 Centavos Philippines. Recent acquisitions – Post cards of the “Norfolk”; Germany Brandenburg Gate medallion; Germany “Ehrenmal” medallion; 1880-1980 Ned Kelly Centenary medal; 1994 Cigarette promotion medals; USA President Franklin Pierce medal; Clashes for the Ashes medal; “Detroit” Engine & Turbine Co medal; 1999 Aust 10 Cent new QE II design; book “Coochiemudlo Heritage” sign by author E .F. Jones; 1st Day Cover with Aust 50 Cent coin 10th Sept 1998.
E. B.: - Egypt 5/10 Guerche Abdul Hamidii AH 1327 – 1909 AD; 5 Piastres AH 1335 – 1917 AD silver; Lebanon 1936 1 Piastre; 1968 10 Piastres; Libya 1965 20 Mil; 1975 100 Dirhams; Israel 1954 50 Proyot; 1971 £1; (Palestine) 1927 1 Mil; 1933 20 Mil; Syria 1935 1 Piastre; 1939 25 Piastres; Jordan 1969 ¼ Dirham FAO; 1974 50 Fils; Muscat & Oman 1971 3 Baisa FAO; Oman 1979 25 Baisa; Saui Arabia 1973 50 Halera; Turkey 1918 20 Piastres; Yemen 1974 5 Fils FAO; Iraq 1975 5 Fils FAO. Recent acquisitions – Maryborough Bowls Club Centenary badge 1899 - 1999; City of Gympie Quasquicentenary Discovery of Gold 1867 – 1992 medal.M. M.: - Recent acquisitions – Aust 1999 10 & 20 Cent coins with the new effigy; NZ $5, 10, 20 and 50 paper banknotes.D. W.: - Album of Japanese Invasion currency.
G.D.S.: - Collection of trade dollars which circulated in the Middle East & South East Asia including examples of Maria Teresa Thalers first struck in 1780, Mexico 8 Reales countermarked and chopped marked. Recent acquisitions – Set of 6 spoons with “25” in the badge for the Royal Womens Hospital; 2 x nurses badges 1 x General & 1 x Midwifery; company seal for Luya Julius – a former Brisbane transport company and Qld Board of Examiners; Veteran Car Club of Australasia medal hand engraved “Cleveland State School 1968”; Life Member badge for the South Aust Agricultural Society; encased silver medal for 21 Years Service 1928 – 1949 from F.W. Woolworths.
G. G.: - 1840 East India Company Rupee; FAO coins 1976 Turkey 5 Lira; 1984 500 Lira; 1985 Cyprus 50 Cents;  Oman 1975 ½ Ryal; games coins Singapore 1973 $5. Recent acquisitions – Mexico 1955 2nd Para Olympics.
B. V. : - Middle East and South East Asia - the region loosely defined by geography and culture, located in SE Asia and NE Africa. Geographically it refers to Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Yemen Arab Republic, Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar & United Arab Emirates. Culture stretches from the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan through all of North Africa including the Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Displayed one circulated coin fromeach of the Middle East countries as defined above. Recent acquisitions – From his recent trip to Europe 1999 Canada $2 (the Polar Bear replaced by Ice Hockey player);Netherlands 25 Cents
M. W.: - Recent acquisitions – Arthur Yates & Co silver medal awarded to Mrs D Griffin in 1930; 2 x Dutch sporting medals 50 mm issued by Royal Military Sports Organisation for 4 Day events in 1924; Sandgate Town enamel badge depicting a sailing boat which was sold to raise funds for WW I Memorial which is opposite the Sandgate Post Office.F. S. ; Items as per the paper plus silver crowns  from Iraq 1931, Iran 1888 & 1902-3, Israel 1947, Jordan 1969 and Yemen AH 1344. Recent acquisitions – England 1644 Charles II fine; 28mm token Australian Womens Bowling Council with Koala head and reverse 9th Womens World Bowls 2000 Koala tail; RQBA Veterans Unc badge.Recent acquisitions AEJ.
J.C.: - Vietnam USA Military Canteen tokens for 5, 10 & 25 Cents from various sites. Recent acquisitions – 1952 Marburg Agricultural and Industrial Assoc 2nd Prize card for “Handkerchief Tatted Edge”; Kodak ’92 Olympic sponsor badge; Car 1977/6 HRH Silver Jubilee silver medal; Presbyterian Church of Australia SS in Queensland enamel badge by AJ Parkes with “9” suspended below;  Inter Society of Postmasters Commem Issue 150th Anniv of WA silver medal.

Members’ Forum: Melvin advised that the Committee had been investigating alternate meeting venues with nothing suitable to date.Lucky Door Prize: Melvin had distributed tickets for a draw in a prize kindly donated by Hugh Armstrong of  Rockhampton. The prize, a 1973 Rockhampton Agricultural Show Society Centenary badge in original packet, was won by our visitor Mr Ian Readshaw. Hugh advised that the badge originally sold for $1.00 for fund raising.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGPresident M.W.delivered his President’s Report followed the Secretary’s Report for 1998 – 1999. The Patron L.McC. agreed to continue as our Patron and congratulated Melvin and the 1998 – 1999 Office Bearers for the previous year’s accomplishments.
The Queensland Branch Annual Elections were then conducted with following results  –
President – G. S.
Vice President – B.B.
Secretary – J.C.
Treasurer – F.S.
Committee – M.W.; D.W.; C.T.; G.G..
Other positions remain  unchanged.

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