The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 444 17th September 1999

14 members and visitor Violet A. attended in The Resource Centre, Newstead House,Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, Brisbane.

Meeting Topic: Princes and Tender Sale.

General Business: New President G.S. thanked out going President Melvin for his efforts during  the 1998 - 1999 year. He also ncouraged members to attend meetings as much as possible and to enjoy the benefits and companionship of the Society.George advised members that Sydney was likely to rely on the NAA Journal for the publication of worthy papers and that The Report will now be published twice a year. This will result in a cost saving to the Society. In addition, subscriptions will not be increased even if The Society loses $2.50 to the forthcoming GST. Another special edition of the NAA Journal is due for distribution to financial members at the end of this year.George called on members to indicate further requirements of the Flinders medals in Pewter, Bronze and Silver. Fred advised that there appeared to be a discrepancy in the costs quoted by A J Parkes. Committee will determine requirements at their next meeting.George reminded members of our November Annual Dinner and that suggestion slips for the John Dixon  Award for Effort are available to complete and return to Leo or Colin. The President's Appreciation award suggestions to be forwarded to Melvin by members of the Branch Committee.

Papers: - "Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands" by F.S.; "Prince Eugen(e) von Savoy 1663 - 1736" by B.V.; "The Queensland Japanese Association" by H.A..

Talks: - "Noble Auction Results" by M.W.. Melvin spent some time detailing the results of the last Noble Part A - General sale for the benefit of members. He was able to analyse the results for various categories of numismatic items.

Displays: -B. B.: - Recent acquisitions - Federated Engine Drivers & Firemens' Assn  of Australasia silver and blue enamel badge by Bridgland & King; Tourists Christian Fellowship badge by A J Parkes; silver fob in shape of old sailing boat engraved SBSC (Sth Bris Sailing Club) rev "Splash of Turner 1912"; Stott's Business College enamel badge by Handford; Presbyterian Church of Queensland badge by A J Parkes Bris; Salvation Army voided badge; QLGU (Qld Ladies Golf Union) enamel & 9 ct badge; Steam Engine Makers Society - United We Stand Divided We Fall presented in 1912; C E (Christian Endeavour) Intermediate white & blue badge by Swann & Hudson; gold fob Queensland Railways Ambulance rev Winners of Commissioner's Shield 1912 Brisbane W W Furness 9 ct WB; Order of Eastern Star pointed star broach and another adorned with jewels surrounding a star.
C .T.: - 1981 Great Britain Crown Charles & Diana; 1981 Charles & Diana (City of London) medal; Aust 1981 Roberts Charles & Diana medallion; 1986 Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson Wedding; 1934 Prince George & Marina Wedding medal; 1851 Prince Albert Exhibition medal. Recent acquisitions - 3 x Dutch "rolled" coins featuring tulips, clogs and windmill; 5 Greek pre WWII banknotes; 1978 RNA Member & Lady passes; 1770 - 1970 Cook Bicentenary medal (Daily Mirror); photos of Brandenburg Gate (pre & post unification); Aust 1999 5, 10 and  20 Cents featuring new effigy. For interest - 2 medals won at Karata tournament by grandson; large cup for Karata School  for District Endeavour; photo of 10th grand child Jack born 12 9 99 weighing a hefty 9 lbs 10 ozs.
G.D.S.: - Group of Prince of Wales medalets to commemorate  visits to Australia; 50 mm bronze medal Albert Edward Prince of Wale s Executive President rev Colonial and Indian Exhibition London 1896. Recent acquisitions - Group of 1 to 8 Qld Safety Council Award badges; WATS Qld (Women's Auxiliary Transport Service badge; RPAH General Trained Nurse sil badge; Red Cross Day red/white/blue enamel appeal badge for 2/- by Millers; 1941 Greek Day blue/red appeal badge for 2/- by Angus & Coote Syd; Bris Grammar School sil badge; Lions Club 100% Secretary 10 k fob; 4 different Amalgamated Postal Workers Union of Australia blue & white badges; ANA badge blue enamel on white map of Aust by F W Nissen Brisbane; fob NSW R U Schools Compt. 1905 rev Port Macquarie P S LCR.
G. G.: - Assorted pieces on the night's topic incl 1984  Ascension Is Prince Andrew Royal Visit 50 Pence; 1986 Cook Is Prince Andrew Wedding $1; 1986 Cook Is $1 60th Birthday Queen Eliz; Prince Edward Is 1871 1 Cent; Aust Prince Leonard Hutt River Province 1977 50 Cent.
B. V.: - 1984 1 Crown Ascension Is; 1981 Australia 50 Cents Wedding of Prince of Wales & Lady Diana Spencer; 1963 Austria 25 Schillings Prinz Eugen von Savoy; 1980 Fiji 50 Cents Prince Charles & $10 Prince Charles; 1980 Great Britain Crown Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer; 1981 Jersey 2 pounds Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer; Monaco 1962 10 Cents, 1974 20 Centimes & 1960 1 Franc Prince Rainier III of the House of Grimaldi; 1987 Netherlands 50 Guilders 50th Wedding Anniv Princess (the Queen Mother) and Prince Bernhard; 1984 Saint Helena 1 Crown Royal Visit of Prince Andrew); 1977 Thailand 10 Baht Wedding of Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn toPrincess Soamsawali.
F.S. - Netherlands Antilles 1973 25 Guilders silver proof, commemorative; Cayman Islands 1972 $25 gold proof commemorative; Great Britain, medals & medallions Prince Albert 1851 Industry of all Nations, 1863 Royal wedding Prince Edward & Alexandra, 1886 Colonial & Indian Exhibition, 1897 Diamond Jubilee Victoria Prince Edward VII Prince George V, Prince Edward VIII. 1969 Prince Charles Investiture of Prince of Wales. 1981, Royal wedding Charles & Diana, Prince Andrew 1984 Royal visit to Ascension & St Helena islands, 1986 Royal wedding Andrew & Sarah. Recent acquisition South Africa 1910 commemorative first parliament, WM, 38 mm medal.J. C.: - Recent acquisitions - RNA 1929 Ladies badge;  RNA 1930 & 1933 Guest badges; RNA 1930 Steward badge; Nurses & Masseurs Registration Board Queensland badge; NSW Ranger Regatta badge; CWA badge from Tasmania by K G Luke.

Lucky Door Prize: Colin provided a lucky door prize for the night consisting of an envelope containing some numismatic postcards from East Germany featuring Euro coins, 1 Deutsche  Mark or 2 Phennig coin wrapper and 5 & 10 1968 & 1970 New Pence. Melvin won this prize.

Tender Sale: Sales Steward Craig conducted a successful sale where the first quantity of the Branch library was sold.

2000 CONFERENCE Our Biennial conference will be held in Port Macquarie on the Queen's Birthday weekend in June 2000 at the El Paso Hotel/Motel. Further details to follow as they come to hand. Start to prepare for another great numismatic occasion.

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