The Australian Numismatic Society

Brisbane Meeting No. 445 15th October 1999

There were 12 members and visitors attended in The Resource Centre, Newstead House, Breakfast
Creek Road, Newstead, Brisbane.

Meeting Topic: The Figure 1 plus Team Quiz.

Apologies: Ed R., Graeme S. and Bernie B.

General Business: President George advised members that the Annual Dinner would have an
alternate menu format and cost $25 with the balance being subsidised. George called on members
to indicate who would be attending. It was requested that members have the correct money with
their name in an envelope on the night to avoid inconveniencing our treasurer.
George reminded members that suggestion slips for the John Dixon Award for Effort are available
to complete and return to Leo or Colin. The Presidents Appreciation award suggestions to be
forwarded to Melvin by members of the Branch Committee.
George advised that a new meeting venue was being investigated without success to date.

February Tender Sale - Members requiring lots in the next tender sale are to have them to George
at the November meeting.

Report: John spoke on his visit to the Redcliffe Coin Club meeting and tender sale on 13th Oct.

Papers: - The Queensland International Exhibition of 1897 by Mel W.

Talks: Leo McC. spoke on Mr Des Gibney who passed away on the 6/10/99. With his brother,
Des was the author of The Gatton Mystery and was our to be guest speaker at our December
Christmas meeting.
Don W. spoke at length on his recent 5 week trip to England and Ireland. He attended the
Orders & Medals Research Soc Annual Convention in London.  His numismatic finding were few;
anything of interest was expensive. Amongst other things, he displayed a 57 mm bz Edward VIII
Coronation medal believed to be an un-issued type by JRG (Gaunt) and Old Melbournian Assn
Ben V.  - The figure 1.
On display tonight is a total of 75 world coins, all of course featuring the figure  1.
There are: big 1s, little 1s, fat 1s, skinny 1s, ugly 1s, beautiful 1s, foreign 1s, holed 1s, old
1s, new 1s, metal 1s, paper 1s, African 1s, European 1s, South American 1s, Asian 1s,
communist 1s, colonised 1s, round 1s, scalloped 1s, no longer existing 1s (East Germany),
cheap 1s, expensive 1s.
Just to highlight some: there is an Irish 1 (a 3pence of course) and a repetitive 1 (Korea 1 won to
be precise), a disabled 1 (1980 Olympics for the disabled ARNHEM - The Netherlands 1 florin)
and a very holy 1 from the Vatican City, but the coin has not got a hole in it though, there is also 1
that got away and a couple missing 1s.

1 1 was a race horse, 2 2 was 1 2
1 1 1 a horse race and 2 2 1 1 2.

One One was a race horse, Two Two was one too,
One One won a horse race and Two Two won one too.

Displays: -
C .T.: - Brazil 1 Real 1994 & 1998; England 1967 1 Penny, 1 Florin, 1071 1 New Pence; Singapore
1987 $1; Thailand 1 Bhat; 1985 Austria 1 Shilling; 1992 Poland 1 Grosz; Hungry 1975 1 Forint;
1982 Philippines 1 Sentimo; Spain 1 Peseta 1977 &1978; England Edw I 1Penny 1272, Eliz 1
1Shilling 1560-61, James 1Schilling 1603-4, Charles I 1 Shilling, Geo I 1 Shilling 1720, Anne 1
half crown 1708E. Recent acquisitions - Swedish Almanac of 1918; Belgium post card of King
Albert II & Queen Paola; new Euro banknote designs for 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 & 5; Belgium
coin designs for Euro; Aust 1999 $1 Year of the Older Persons;  Aust 1995 20 Cent UN 50th
Anniv (found in change).
C. G.: Selections on coins and tokens featuring different figure 1 designs & styles including Geo V
1 Penny, Iredale Australasian token.
M. M.: Selection of Aust 1 Pound & 1 Dollar bank notes. Recent acquisitions - Aust 1999 $1 coin
G.D.S.: - Selection of USA $1 notes some featuring signatures & addresses of war time  personnel;
2 Philippines 1 Peso notes featuring similar signatures; WW I / II group of 6 medals to a bandsman
from the 1st Battalion AIF including an efficiency medal & bar;
Recent acquisitions - Belt buckle from Qld Prisons Dept circa 1930; Younger Set CWA of NSW
with Treasurer ribbon shaped bar enamel badge; ANA enamel badge.
G. G.: - Tabled various world small change featuring the figure 1- 1969 Sweden 1 Ore; 1969 Sth
Korea 1 Won; 1983 Austria 1 Schilling; 1987 Spain 1 Pesta;1976 Guyana 1 Cent;1889 British
Hondurus 1 Penny;1972 Malaysia 1 Ringitt; 1993 Cook Is $1. Recent acquisitions - Aust 1999 50
F. S. - Selection of Aust.£1 and foreign notes: 1913 Ceruty Collins; 1927 Riddle-Heathershaw,
1935 Riddle- Sheehan; 1942 Armitage-McFarlane; 1953 Coombs-Wilson. Fanning Is £1 Emergency
issue; Brazil 1000 Cruzados overstamped 1 new Cruzado; Bahamas Is commem Columbus
quincentennial 92; Philippines I Peso Victory series; Singapore 2x $1 - one of Bird series and one
of Flower series; A. B&W repo. of 1997 Royal Bank of Scotland £1 Commem 150 yrs birth of
Alexander Graham Bell(see photo); and from USA $1 of 1917 series, bust of Washington and top
LH Columbus sighting the new world, modern $1 with photo of Pres. Carter stuck over
Washington; and finally $1,000,000 note from International Assoc. of Millionaires. Recent
acquisitions - M R Roberts Air Training Corps medallion.
J. C.: - An album of Aust transport tokens featuring a 1 including Sea World 1 Adult Dolphin ride;
Myer Centre Dazzleland 1 Ride; Falls Creek Single Ride Single Ride.
Recent acquisitions - A quantity of paper ephemera including Luna Park Bowen Hills (Bris) Special
Complimentary Pass; Marshall Airways Mascot Aerodrome Tel 1028 ticket; BCC City Hall Tower
Excursion Adult 6d ticket.

Team Quiz: Garry prepared an excellent quiz. Team A consisting of Col T, Craig G and
Ben V won the contest from Team B of Fred S, Don W and Mel W.

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