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Decimal Varieties.

We are attempting to list the Decimal Coin varieties.  There has not been much attention placed on decimal coins since their introduction in 1966 and almost nothing on the varieties.

Except for the varieties listed in the catalogues and those mentioned in our reports I am not aware of any other source to find this information.

1979 & 80 50 Cent.
There are varieties of the 50 cent with a double bar behind the Emu's head.

1981 20 Cent.
The coins minted in Canada has 3.5 claws on the right flipper.

1994 50 Cent.
This coin has 2 different date varieties the left coin is scarcer with the spaced second 9.

My thanks to Strand Coins for informing  me of this variety.

1999 20 Cent.
At a recent meeting members were shown a 1999 20 cent with an extra curl near the Queen's neck.

1999 20 Cent variety with extra curl.  Image from John Veltmeyer.

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Last Modified 17th March 2000