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ANS Dies and Medals

Papers by C J V Weaver past Secretary

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The 30th Anniversary of the World's First Polymer Banknote by Alan Flint

Some Australian Decimal Varieties.

ANS Members photos from Les Carlisle

ANS Members photos from Don Wright

Allen and Stark's Gold Fob medal 1914 by Bernie Begley

Art Medals and Meszaros by Phil Benjamin

The Astronomer James Dunlop Gold Medals by Les Carlisle.

Australian Defence Canteens Service – CANTEEN ORDERS  by Ross Pratley

Australian Penny Master Die Types by Paul Holland

A Study of Off-Centre Strikes and Coinage Press Die Placement: Australian Pennies and Halfpennies by Paul Holland

Awards to Animals by John Pearn

Biblical Coins by Colin Pitchfork

Bi-Metallic Image Library of all known - WBCC Site

Boar Horse by Matthew Rich

Bombing of Darwin by Gary Murray

Canadian "Minis" by Judy Blackman

An Introduction to Child Endowment Orders. by Ross Pratley

The Chocolate House That Henry Built by Judy Blackman

Coins of the English Commonwealth 1649 by Robert Tonner

Daniel Cooper's 1856 Foundation Stone Box by Peter Lane

Denarius in Mark 12.15  by Peter Lewis

Some interesting coin stories, on Denmark, Scotland, Chios & the USA. by David Mee

Tribute Penny Deconstruction by Walter Holt

The Dixson Library 1920 Sydney Sovereign by Howard Hodgson

Dutch Coins in Australia by Michael Tichy

Durotriges by Colin Thomas

East African Currency Board Banknotes by Rod Sell

Englsh bimetallics of the Stuarts by Rod Sell

European Gold Coins before 1300AD by David Mee

Gallipoli Banknotes by Shlomo Tepper

Gould League Badges by Tony Hoare

History of the Shilling  by Peter Williams

Hog Money of the Sommer Isles by Ian Sizeland

Hong Kong Government Issued Banknotes by Rod Sell

Hong Kong Numismatic Literature  by Rod Sell

Two Hong Kong Brockages and other items of interest by Rod sell

HMS Supply by Phil Benjamin

John Lee Award for Sheep by Judy Blackman

Sir Joseph Savory Medal by Judy Blackman

Luddington Tokens - Two Hobbies Combined by Gerry Doyle

Making Money by Ross Pratley

Manchurian Incident Badge by Tom Hanley

Morpeth Bridge Centenary Medal  by Tom Hanley

Naval General Service Medal - Yangtze Bar by Rod Sell & John Pearn

Official Badges For the 1956 Melbourne Olympics by George Snelgrove

The Philanthropic, Philosophical and Medically Infallible Galen, AD 129-216 by Bruce Short

Philatelic, Numismatic Covers by Rod Sell.

Pre and Post Captain Cook Australian Cartography by Peter Lane

Prefectures of Japan by John Veltmeyer.

Project 2013 by Barry M Scott.

Plastic Banknotes of the World by Rod Sell

Portland Victoria - A StoryVia Some Significant Medal by Peter Atherdens.

Queensland 1862 Exhibition Medal by Hugh Armstrong

Queensland Centenary 1959 by Colin Thomas.

Resolution and Adventure Medal Dies by Phil Benjamin

The Royal Victoria Theatre Passes:  English or Australian by Mike carter & Malcolm Johnson

Singapore Centenary, Kedah Exhibition and other medals from Malaya by Rod Sell

Stamp Money of The Spanish Civil War by Matthew Lloyd

The-1887 Sydney Gold Two Pound proof coin Royalty, Mystery & Scandal by Andrew Crellin

Thessaly  - The Thessalian League by Colin Pitchfork

A Unique Historic Silver Medal to Henry Newman by Ross Pratley

The Various Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II on Australian Coins by Matthew Lloyd

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