The Australian Numismatic Society

Australian Numismatic Society.

15th Biennial Conference 6th to 8th June 2014. 
1st Conference was held in 1987.

25 Conference Medals were purchased by members attending the Conference.
You can see the overdate as The Canning Mint was initially informed the Conference
was on the 8th & 9th of June.

Peter Atherden
Hugh Armstrong  "A Presentation Medal to Dr. James O'Neil Mayne"
Vi Armstrong
Bernard Begley  "The Lilley Medals"
Phil Benjamin  "A Proposed Numismatic Dictionary"
Julie Benjamin
Les Carlisle. "21 Orphans"
John Cook  "An Update on The ANS Products Book"
Glennis Cook
Gerry Doyle  "Farthings"
Craig Gubby  "Preserving Pennies"
Jenni Harrison
Tony Hoare  "Celluloid Badges"
Gordon Hodge
Carol Hodge
Fred Hynes
Graham Howard
Helen Howard
David Mee  "Coinage of Medieval Spain"
Judith Mee  "Coinage and Language in the Viking Age"
Gary Murray
Janet Murray
John Pearn "The Gold Medals of Surgeon Major Peter Shepherd" and "General William Williams"
Colin Pitchfork  " Seleukid Coinage"
Sandy Pitchfork
Fred Scarffe  "The Odd Fellow Medals"
Barry Scott  "The Magic of Flight - from Aviator to Astronaut"
Rod Sell  "Silver Strikes'
George Snelgrove  "A Gem of a Jewel"
Rudi Talmacs "The Iconic French  Hercules Crown"
Colin Thomas  "Designers and Engravers of The 2oth Century"
Pat Thomas
Michael Tichy  "The Prague Groshen"
John Veltmeyer 
Ben Verke
Marion Vreke
Helen Walpole  "Gold For Australia" Exhibition at the MCG
Pat Walsh

Most members arrived on Friday and met in the Conference Rooms. 
We met for drinks at 6.30 and had dinner in the Tree House restaurant.

Early Saturday morning, members were setting up their Displays and getting ready their Talks.

Helen Walpole with John Cook checking that the Projector worked.

Rod Sell checking the Video Camera could record the Conference.

Colin Pitchfork setting up the Data Projector and Epidiascope.

Vi Armstrong and Gary Murray getting their seats.

David Mee viewing the displays.

John Veltmeyer and Rudi Talmacs discusing his Ipad.  Colin Thomas viewing the displays.

Tony Hoare and George Snelgrove looking at some Badges.

Les Carlisle and Hugh Armstrong

Les Carlisle and Hugh Armstrong

Colin Thomas and Barry Scott viewing a display.

Colin Pitchfork and George Snelgrove.

Colin and Pat Thomas viewing the displays.

Display No 4 The Odd Fellows Medals

Masonic Jewels

The Magic of Flight

Preserving the Pennies.

Pagan Gods on Medals and French Coins.

NoteGeld and other Funny Money

Military related Badges.

Seleukid Coins

Money on Money


The Winning Display.  The Prague Groschen.

The Best Display Medal, a brass variety of the Conference Medal.

Designers initials on GB coins.

Judith Mee setting up her display on Viking Coins

The Charlotte and Margaret Medals

Gordon Hodge looking after the Conference Administration and Medals.

Helen Walpole and Fred Scarffe checking a Sporting Medal

Gerry Doyle and Colin Thomas

John Cook taking a breather.

Getting ready to Start.  Colin Pitchfork, John Pearn & Ben Vreke

Patron John Pearn and Qld President Ben Vreke open the Conference.

Carol Hodge and Marion Vreke

Judith and David Mee checking the Program

Glennis Cook chatting with Vi Armstrong

Phil Benjamin and Rudi Talmacs

Patron John Pearn opening the Conference.

Qld President Ben Vreke chaired the Morning Sessions.

The members all engrossed in the Talks.

George Snelgrove advising members that a Journal of the Conference will be produced in 2015 and he would like the speakers to send him Doc files of their Talks plus images.

The members listening to George's request.

Colin Pitchfork gave the First Talk on Coins of The Seleucid Empire.

Colin Thomas spoke on Designers and Engravers of the 20th Century GB Coins.

Members getting ready for the Morning Tea Break.

The Garden outside the Conference Room.

Members selecting their cakes.

Members getting their Tea and Coffee.  Rod Sell very happy with a cup of Coffee.

David Mee setting up for his Talk after the Morning Tea break.

Fred Scarffe, Gordon Hodge and John Pearn getting a cuppa.

Pat Walsh, George Snelgrove and John Cook having a chat.

Members getting ready for the next session.

David Mee speaking on Medieval Spain.

Helen Walpole speaking on the Gold for Australia - Exhibition at the MCG.

Rudi Talmacs setting his Ipad images for his Iconic French Hercules Crown talk.

Rudi putting his heart into his Talk.

John Pearn talking on the Medals of Surgeon Major Peter Shepherd and General William Williams.

Members listening to instructions about Lunch.

Members enjoying lunch.

Tony Hoare, Glennis Cook and Les Carlisle.

John Pearn, Helen Walpole and Colin Pitchfork

Fred Hynes with David and Judith Mee

Graham Howard, Pat Walsh and John Veltmeyer

Peter Atherden and Rod Sell

George Snelgrove and Bernie Begley on the Lilley Medals

Judith Mee telling us about the Coinage and Language of the Viking Age

Hugh Armstrong talking on A Presentation Medal to Dr. James O'Neil Mayne

Members getting ready for Afternoon Tea

Helen Walpole with Fred Scarffe

Craig Gubby chatting with Colin Thomas and George Snelgrove.

Rudi Talmacs with Pat Walsh and David Mee

Julie and Phil Benjamin viewing the displays.

Rod Sell talking on all the Silver Strikes he is missing.

David Mee telling us about his display.

Les Carlisle telling us about his display.

Tony Hoare telling us about his badge display.

John Cook telling us about the voting process.

Rudi Talmacs giving a plug to the eventual winning display.  Advertising does work.

Pre dinner drinks. Phil Benjamin, Vi and Hugh Armstrong and Tony Hoare.

Barry Scott, Craig Gubby, George Snelgrove and Bernie Begley.

Rod Sell and Rudi Talmacs.

Julie and Phil Benjamin and Vi Armstrong.

At Dinner.  Sandy Pitchfork with Ben and Marion Vreke

A view of Table right.

A view of Table left.

Helen Walpole, Fred Hynes, John Veltmeyer and Gerry Doyle

David and Judith Mee and Peter Atherden.

Bernie Begley, Les Carlisle,  Gary and Janet Murray

Carol and Gordon Hodge, Tony Hoare, Glenis and John Cook.

Colin and Pat Thomas, Jenni Harrison and Carol Hodge.

Phil and Julie Benjamin.

John Pearn and Phil Benjamin.

Rod Sell and Rudi Talmacs.

Phil Benjamin reading a Limerick, even though there was not a contest this Conference.

Ben Vreke showing the Tom Hanley Cup for Literature.

Ben announcing the Winner of the Tom Hanley Cup for the next 2 years.

Bernie Begley happily receiving the Tom Hanley Cup.

Bernie viewing the Past Recipients of the Cup, which makes it even more Prestigious.

President John Veltmeyer announcing the ANS Awards.

Bernie Begley being presented with the Society's Gold Medal and Scroll.

A very happy Bernie reminicing on his 45 years membership.

Ben Vreke announcing the Winner of the Best Display.

Secretary Michael Tichy receiving the Best Display Medal.

Michael Tichy and his Advertisng Manager Rudi Talmacs celebrating the win.

Colin Pitchfork presenting President John Veltmeyer with the Society's Silver Medal and Scroll.

John Veltmeyer showing the medal.

Patron John Pearn viewing the Gold Medal.

The two happy winners congratulating each other.

Waiting for the Sunday sessions to start.

The Early Birds for Sunday Talks.

Les Carlisle talking on "21 Orphans" the medals transferred eventually to the Powerhouse Museum.

Craig Gubby spoke on preserving the "Penny".

Gerry Doyle spoke on "The Farthings".

Barry Scott spoke on 'The Magic of Flight"

Michael Tichy spoke on "The Prague Groschen"

Tony Hoare gave us a talk on Badges, especially Celluloid and Paper, plus Military related ones.

Fred Scarffe speaking on "The Odd Fellows"

George Snelgrove spoke on "A Gem of a Jewel"  Masonic Medals.

Phil Benjamin suggested as a Society we produce on the website A Numismatic Dicionary with descriptions and images (Australian slanted) of all numismatic terms.
The meeting though it a good idea which the Council should discuss.
It would be a collaborative venture which all members could assist in.

Patron John Pearn and President John Veltmeyer closed the Conference and asked the members to assemble in two years for the next Conference.

It was another fun three days which I am sure all members enjoyed.
My thanks to Michael Tichy for the images above. 
If members have any other images please email them to