The Australian Numismatic Society

Numismatic Meeting 964 Coffs Harbour 6th June 1998

There were 30 members and visitors present over the 2 days.

The meeting commenced at 9.30 on Saturday 6th June with Tom and Bernie in the Chair. The first item was a members introduction where each member announced their name their collecting interest. The Tom Hanley Cup for 1997 was then presented to G. S. for his publication on Vincent Read. A short tea break was then taken before the start of the papers.


Bernie: The Edward Medal. Bernie advised his main interest was in the numismatics involving Queensland History, especially Fobs and Gold. He then told the story of John M. Shield and his rescue efforts in the Mount Morgan Mining Disaster on the 4th November 1908 resulting in his being awarded the Edward Medal. Bernie then displayed the other medals awarded to John Shield.

Ross: Ross gave a talk titled Numismatic Fantastica, with a tribute to Norm Hobson and displayed a Bank NSW 20 Pound Promissory Note of 9th January 1824 and then the plate this note was printed from. The note was extremely interesting with the signatures of John Oxley, Edward Wollstonecraft and Alexander Mackenzie.

Ernie l: Ernie's talk was on the Sesquicentenary Medallions and Games Medals of Maryborough Qld. 1847 to 1997 with a current population of 25,000.

Tom : Tom's gave a talk on the Sydney Royal Easter Show. He gave a history of the Show from it's beginnings to its move to Homebush this year.

Leo : Leo's talk was on Frank Blanchard of the Brisbane Tramway Company and his Fob of 1919.

Ross showed a video on the history of Westpac, which took us into lunch.

A lunch of mixed sandwiches was organised for those wishing to participate in the restaurant upstairs.

Max : Max gave the first afternoon talk on the Australian Honours. The talk was accompanied with slides. It was interesting to note the Victoria Cross was the highest Military Honour and the only Imperial Honour still given.

Peter : Peter gave a very interesting talk on Jerusalem with a history of the different rulers and the coins issued.

Colin: Colin gave a talk on the Notgeld of Germany, with a display of notes and slides.

The meeting was then closed for the day so that the room could be set up for dinner.

There were 30 members and friends for dinner. During the dinner George was presented with the Society Gold Medal, and Fred was presented with the Silver Medal. Both these members knew about the other getting a medal but had no idea they were also a recipient and the surprise showed.

Sunday the 7th commenced with members being presented with a medal of attendance and a short auction, all of the lots except 1 sold with members picking up a lot of bargains. A short tea break then took place whilst the buyers and vendors settled the accounts. The winner of the best display was announced and it was a draw by Bernie and George.

George : George gave a talk on the Brisbane Fire Brigade Long Service Medals with a display of these items including some scarce ones.

Rod : Combined his talks on Bi-Metallics and Plastic Banknotes to one on Collecting Modern Issues, whilst at the same time demolishing the Lectern.

Mel : Mel's talk was on the 1880 Brisbane Sunday School Centenary Medal. It would appear this medal was not issued to the children attending the Sunday School at the time.

Mark : Mark gave a very interesting talk on the Amor Archives Auction, with a lot of the material being passed around for viewing.

Peter : Peter gave a short talk on the Travels of St. Paul and the coins that would have been encountered.

The meeting then adjourned to the sporting facilities for a very nice BBQ lunch.

Tom : Tom gave an interesting talk on the Manchurian Incident with a Badge by G.A.Millers for the lost provinces.

Fred Fred gave a very well illustrated talk on the History of Flight with lots of badges, medals and other items.

Ross showed a video on the Investiture of his neighbour which illustrated the whole process in detail.

Colin : Col gave us a resume of his recent trip to Europe where he had the opportunity to visit the families of the Emden. The talk was well illustrated with slides.

Afternoon teas was quickly taken as there were a lot more talks.

Mark : Mark gave a talk on the paper money of Mauritania which is seldom seen outside that country. It was well illustrated with the notes passed around the room.

John : John finally was able to give his talk on the War Savings Certificates of WW II with information on the development as the war progressed.

David : David gave us a talk on California Gold of the 1850s and other aspects of early US currency.

Ross showed a video on the recovery and sale of the Duoro Cargo, and gave a brief account of the Spinks Auction of these items.

The meeting was closed after 6 PM with members having had a wonderful weekend of numismatics. Most members then went to the Catholic Club in Coffs Harbour for a very good value meal.

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