The Australian Numismatic Society

Numismatic Meeting 965 13th July 1998

There were 14 members and 2 visitors present.

General Business:
David M. was presented with a Silver Medal, which he should have received at Coffs Harbour. Members were advised it was Subs time again.
Members were advised we need articles for the Journal, and they will participate in the competition for the Tom H. Cup for 1998.

The talk for the night was given by David on The Hundred Years War. David had prepared a very interesting talk with the aid of a video which he had prepared. The members were given a very interesting History lesson on the Kings of England and France. How the main issues of the Hundred Years was was because the French did not accept decent through the female line even though it was a more direct link. David showed the coins of each of the Kings and also of those of the other European States aligned with one side or the other. The President gave a vote of thanks with acclimation from the members.

Items of Interest.
:- Tasmanian Medals 1803/4 and 1953/4. A large Tasmania 1988 Sir Joseph Banks Memorial Lecture medal.
:- A UK 1854 Penny found under a back doorstep.
:- A 1792 Lady Godiva Coventry halfpenny; A calculator in the form of a $20 note.
:- Plastic 50 Ringgit Bank note from Malaysia for the Commonwealth Games; Plastic $10 note pack over printed 26th January 1998 for the 10th Anniversary of the First Plastic Bank Note.
:- 1998 Sydney to Surf Medal; 1967 RAS Stewards Badge; WW II badges for Queensland Liberty Week and Navy Week; R.G.H. Concord checks 25c and 22c; Adelaide Grand Prix Token; 1884 Richmond River A.H. & P. Society bronze Medal; Aust. Legion of Ex Servicemen & Women Badge; Royal Aust. Army Nursing Corp. Badge; 1936 RAS Members Badge; Morpeth NSW Bridge Centenary 1898-1998 Medal; French 50 Francs.

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