The Australian Numismatic Society

Numismatic meeting 966 10.8.98

There were 19 members and 3 visitors present.

General Business:
Members were reminded to Pay subs and nominate for the Council.
F. H. donated some early Coin Reviews for the library.
M. Ly. mentioned the weekly Magazine Money of the World and will review it for the Report.

Theme for the Night: Great Britain.
Members were advised to limit their items to a maximum of 10.
Member 1:
Yorkshire - Sheffield 1812 Gold Half Guinea Token of Younge, Wilson and Younge.
Member 2.:
Roman follis of Licinius I (308-324 AD) with PLN mintmark in exergue on reverse;
Australian 1951 Penny with PL mintmark to show London minting.
Member 3.:
1937 Large Silver Coronation Medal;
1984 One Pound Piedfort Set of 4;
1987 Piedfort Two Pound - Bill of Rights.
Member 4.:
Queen Elizabeth II 1953 Crown.
Member 5.:
A history of Matthew Boulton;
A sheet of Birmingham Forgeries.
Member 6.:
1937 Coronation Badge;
Crystal Palace Reopening Medal 63mm by Pinched in White Metal;
1924 British Empire Exhibition Medal 51mm;
British Empire Exhibition, West Indian Pavilion 1925 Medal;
1905 Centenary of Nelson's Death Medal;
Charles I Tower Mint Shilling;
Charles I Rose Farthing with brass wedge;
1703 Queen Anne Vigo sixpence;
1746 George III Lima Half Crown;
1969 Prince Charles "Prince of Wales" Investiture Medal.
Member 7.:
Mercia Kingdom - King Burgred silver penny of late 9th Century;
Dublin - Viking penny of about 1010;
King Cnut silver penny of 1040;
William I 1066 canopy type silver penny;
Henry II penny from the Tealby Hoard;
Edward III gold half noble;
Scotland David I groat of Edinburgh Mint;
Scotland James II 1420 gold demi;
Henry VIII groat with young portrait;
Silver shilling of Philip and Mary.
Member 8.:
GB Bimetallics Charles I Rose Farthing with brass wedge;
Charles II 1684 tin farthing with copper plug;
James II 1685 tin farthing with copper plug;
William and Mary 1697 tin halfpenny with copper plug;
1844 William Allen Model half penny;
1844 William Allen Model penny, 2 varieties;
1848 Hyman Model Crown;
G. Isles spittlefield Market entry token;
1997 2 Pound in pack;
1991 trial pack with Bi-metallics in different stages of production.
Member 9.:
Three Penny broach with mature head of Queen Victoria:
Six Penny enamelled broach with Jubilee head of Queen Victoria;
Florin enamelled broach with Jubilee head of Queen Victoria;
Gold Sovereign enamelled broach of Queen Victoria;
1899 halfpenny with engraving;
Victoria halfpenny with bonnet on the Queen;
Edward VII penny engraved Jessie;
Queen Victoria farthing encased in a shamrock broach;
Broach with a pound note encased.
Member 10.:
Half Crown of William and Mary;
Shilling of Philip and Mary;
George III overstamped crowns with oval and rectangular overstamps; Pattern piece of Queen Anne;
Proof Gothic Crown of Queen Victoria;
Silver 1798 Pattern Farthing;
Sovereign of William IV;
Henry VI groat of Calais Mint.

Items of Interest.
Commonwealth Bank Broken Hill 1883-1983 centenary medal.

Mount Stromlo Observatory token of Aberfield Industries Syd; $20 funny money computer produced; Sydney 2000 800 days to go badge; Sydney 2000 animal mascots badge; Maritime museum plastic tokens for survey of which countries customers came from; New York subway tokens 4 different.

Australian Military Medals for Vietnam Service recently distributed.

Australian Canteen Orders of WW II.

Bi-metallics, Italy 1998 500 Lire IFAD; Vatican 1997 1000 Lire; Gibraltar 1997 2 pound; Austria 1998 50 Schillings for EU Presidency.

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