The Australian Numismatic Society

Meeting 967. 14thSeptember, 1998.

There were 17 members and two visitors present.

The Annual General Meeting The President T.H., opened the AGM. Minutes of the last AGM held on 8th September, 1997, were read by the secretary and accepted.

The Secretary R.S., presented his report on the administrative and membership matters of the Society for the year September 1997 to September 1998. The report was accepted .

The Treasurer D.M.,presented his report for the financial year 1st July 1997 to 30th June 1998. The report was accepted.

Presidential Address

President T.H. gave his final address as retiring President. He spoke of his experiences during his 50 year involvement in Australian Numismatics. The full presidential address and reports of the Secretary and Treasurer will be published in the next volume of the society's report.

Election of Council for 1998 - 1999. As there were only nomination for each of the council positions, the nominees were declared elected.

President  R.S.
Vice President  C.P.
Secretary  D.T.
Treasurer  D.M.
Council  M.L., R.C., R.P.

With no further new business, the AGM was closed

Meeting 967 - Shanghai.

The meeting topic was Shanghai and China.

C.P. showed a very large (627grams) and unusual cash piece ( N.Chau Dynasty 568-578AD) Woo Chi, once the property of Owen Flemming. The piece is indexed in Lockhart's Catalogue of Royal Asiatic Currency.(1967).

N.L. showed a collection of Shanghai medals in case. China War (Boxer Rebellion) Medal, Shanghai Volunteers medal to R. Beauchamp, Shanghai Municipal Council Medal with Certificate, Shanghai Emergency Medal (the 1937 incident) and miniatures with certificate to C.W. Sangster. Shanghai Revolver Club Silver Medal and a mystery medal or award, possibly awarded for rowing. T.H. Shanghai Banking Corporation $1, a Japanese paper note mounted on cardboard. Shanghai Omnibus transportation token, a number of mounted Chinese cash.

J.H. showed a gilt, enamelled broach on cash.

R.S. showed an interesting variety of memorabilia from Shanghai.. Shanghai Police warrant card and photo, 1937 emergency medal with miniature . Russian Volunteers Medal, Police Sports medals, both enamelled, displaying flags of participants nations. China 1936 Shanghai Russian Regiment sports medals. 1893 Shanghai Police Medal in silver. Shanghai police and tramways regalia including uniform buttons, badges and regalia. Shanghai Racing Club badge for 1936-7. A large colour book on the banknotes of Shanghai. Two omnibus tokens for 2/1/2 cents and 5 cents with cut-out relief, probably made in the US. A number of scripts for Shanghai companies; China Reality (1940) and Shanghai Power Company, (1934) with dividend cheques. Internment and Hong Kong Volunteer's ID card.

Items of Interest:

R.P. : Latest offering produced by the Royal Australian Mint. The Masterpieces of Silver for 1998 includes the proof reproduction of famous Australian twentieth century silver coins. A series three image collection of CD-ROM. Photography of presentation of Olympic set to Medallist Susie O'Neil. Latest 24 months to Go! countdown pin/badge to the 2000 Olympics. Journals of the Script society. Rennick's 1998 (18th edition) Guide to Australian Coin and Banknote Values in paperback. The Katoomba Railway and Skyway souvenir token. T.H. QLD Royal National Show members and guest visitors badges of 1992 and 1993.

N.L.: Naval Boxing Medal (R.N.T.G. Shotley) )to G.J. Williams. A puzzling token from Styre, Brown & Co for two tubes.

R.S.: Another unusual token from Chicago "Bangtails for $17.50 trade" for books.
A variety of modern issues recently acquired by trade from Israel and Argentina.

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