The Australian Numismatic Society

Meeting 970. 14th December, 1998.

Attendance: There were 19 members and 3 visitors present.

General Business and Interests:
1: Announcement that J.V. has been appointed the Society Librarian. John
has kindly offered to re-assemble and catalogue the Society's  library that is presently
scattered in several locations.
2: Our next report will combine the July - September  1998 and October - December
1998 due to production problems. The bi-annual report will similarly be delayed until

Forum: Competitive Displays

Three Displays were presented in the competition. Members voted on their preference for
the best display.

D.M.: A Byzantine Christmas - A collection of gold, silver and bronze pieces from
the Byzantine empire. The  re-production ivory carving of a nativity scene and Christmas
card complemented the coins. David was the winner of the displays, receiving a bi-
metallic Olympic $5 presentation coin in case for his efforts.

T.H.: Liverpool Internment Camp - Tom presented a number of pieces for the
World War I internment camp located Liverpool/Holsworthy in western Sydney. Camp
tokens, including a 3 pence aluminium piece, medals and camp newspaper were

J.V.: Money Boxes - John presented a collection of novelty money boxes.
These were well represented in a variety of materials and themes - ceramic caricatures,
wooden boxes, plastic metal tins, and the well-known Commonwealth bank tins.

Recent Acquisitions on the Table.

D. M. - USA - 1877 Indian Head 1 cent, larger than life as a novelty copper belt buckle.
This unique item was obtained recently in the USA (where else).

M. B.: - AUSTRALIA - Colour patch of the AIF (WWI vintage) - possibly trench art.

J V. - AUSTRALIA - John brought in a bag of the recent Royal Australian Mint
coin fair copper medals - enough for everyone present! Thank you John!

The meeting was closed to allow all to enjoy our Christmas social.

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