The Australian Numismatic Society

Meeting 971. 11th January, 1999.

Attendance: There were 13 members and 1 visitor present.

General Business and Interests:
1: No new general business was tabled.
2: Next meeting is Monday, February 8th, 1999,  - Topic: C.P. will present a talk on his latest
numismatic travels.

Forum: Animals
Members and visitors were invited to bring in items depicting animals and briefly speak about them.

D.M.: Animals on ancients.  David presented a selection 13  Greek and Roman ancient coins depicting
animals.  Noted was a silver trade coin from Agea of c. 480BC with a targe turtle, an Athenian tetradram of 5th
Century BC with the Athenian Owl.

M.B.: Animals on modern coinage - An Irish 1 shilling (horse), a South African 1 Rand 1981 (Impala),
USA 50 cents (Eagle) and Belgium Congo 50 Franc (Elephant).

T.H.: Lions on British Service medals and other items. Presented were some very fine medals including;
Seranga Battan Service Medal (Pewter and Bronze), 1799, (for the British attack on Battan in the East Indies).
African Medal (Kaffir Wars - 1854 and 1879), Edward VII Medal for the Ashanti Campaign, a WWI death

M.L.: Animals on Australian Medals: Scotts College Centenary (1883-1993) with lion Rampant.
Geelong  150th Anniversary of Settlement (Sheep), Capricornia Coin Club (1965-1985) (Mermaid !!!),
Tasmanian Teachers Credit Union (Athenian Eagle), Armstrongs Shoe Mart (Kangaroo and Emu on our
National Coat of Arms), A Dog on the Tuckerbox souvenir, Featherdale Wildlife Park Souvenir (Koala and
Cockatoo), Tasmanian Numismatic Society (Kangaroo on Delgraves shilling).

R.S.: Bi-metallics with animals. Rod presented some 26 bi-metallics depicting animals, including new Dina
coinage from Algeria that features 10D (falcon) 20D (lion) 50D (goat) 100D (horse). Others included Austria
(horse), Canada $2 (bears), Croatia (50 Crowns with lion), Finland 10MK (birds), Russia (animal series
depiction various birds, goats, lions, bison)

D.T.: Animals on the coinage of Canada. Canada has generally, since 1937, features native animals on
the reverse of its coinage. The 1967 Centenary of Canadian Confederation resulted in a special issue of animal
reverses for that year;
1 cent - Dove, 5 cents - Beaver (all years since 1937, bar 1943), 10 cents - Mackerel, 25 cents - Caribou since
1937, wildcat in 1967, 50 cents - wolf, $1 - loons $2 - Bears.

Recent Acquisitions on the Table.

T. H.: Trade Union badge - Trolleyman's and Draymen's Union 1988.
The meeting was closed to allow all to enjoy display items and supper.

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