The Australian Numismatic Society

Meeting 972. 8th February, 1999.

Attendance: There were 11 members and 5 visitors present.

General Business and Interests:
1: Discussion on possible steps to consolidate our library, presently held by a number of individuals.
2: Next meeting is to be held on Monday, March 8th, 1999.  Jim Noble will be our guest speaker on the
numismatic market place.

Forum: Guest Speaker: Mr C.P.
Colin presented a thoroughly entertaining and informative account of his recent travels. He first visited the
annual ancient coin and numismatic literature auctions and bourse held in New York City. Colin visited
the home of the American Numismatic Society, soon to move to larger premises. His travels then took him
on to Europe for eight weeks, through London, Finland, Poland, Russia, Italy and Sicily. Hopefully, Colin
will publish a detailed report of his travels in a future report.

Recent Acquisitions on the Table.

T.H.: Australian Badge, bronze enamel. It is shaped as a Sydney Harbour Bridge, with wings from
flyers, inscribed Greater Sydney M.C.C. Also, a small gold-plated model of the Sydney Harbour Bridge,
with a pencil sharpener concealed inside. Tom displayed a Trade Union Badge for the Transport Worker's
Union 1988. This was issued to commemorate the centenary of the Trolley and Draymen's Union (1888-

R.S.: Rod's Canadian collection interests tonight included; a cased set of twelve quarter dollar coin,
each with the state or territory emblem on the obverse. To illustrate national unity, a one dollar coin
bearing the national arms is in the center. Rod also displayed nine cased silver and nickel Canadian dollars
minted for the provinces.

D.T.: Recently, the Coin & Banknote Magazine included a novelty US one million dollar note.
This was displayed with the article concerned. The US Government never officially issued such a
denomination. The "note" depicts the Statue of Liberty and the Mount Rushmore figures. It is similar size
and colour to present US notes, but carries the legend in part "To Promote Special Events and Good

J.V.: A book Unusual Coins of the World, Krause Publications. It identifies unusual coins and
medals that may puzzle (or might appear to be coins!).

M.S.: A selection of twenty English silver shillings of assorted reigns from Edward VI to

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