The Australian Numismatic Society

Meeting 973. 8th March, 1999.

Attendance: There were 16 members and 1 visitor present.

General Business and Interests:
1: Discussion on the progress of consolidating our library by J.V., our new Honorary Librarian.
Some 14 boxes of material has so far been collected. John is presently sorting it and undertaking to obtain
new shelving to store the material safely.
2: Next meeting is to be held on Monday, April 12th, 1999.  Our guest speaker, is unable to
attend, so we will have a forum on the ever cotroversial issue of cleaning and restoring coins.
3: We asked members to consider the arguements for and against Queensland Branch proposal on holding
our Bi-annual Convention in Sydney and Brisbane on alternate occasions, rather than the present "half-
way" venue of Coffs Harbour (or Port Macquarie previously). Some discussion was initaited as the the
original reasons why a midpoint location had been chosen - a neutral place and  a holiday away for all
attendees. We look forward to further discussion at our next meet
Forum: Guest Speaker: Mr Jim Noble - The current Numismatic Marketplace

Recent Acquisitions on the Table.

F.D.:  Letter of offer from Nigerian Petroleum for use of a bank account number for funds
transfer. This is the now infamous Nigerian-based scam asking for bank account details (the supplier then
gets their account emptied!). The letter is of further interest as the stamps are crude forgeries (in this case,
a colour photocopy) that were passed through the Nigerian postal system. Another item was an advert
asking for volunteers who would like to make free local telephone calls - the catch? - every few minutes,
both parties are interupter by brief, targeted adverts!

T.H.: Australian Badge, bronze enamel. It is shaped as a Sydney Harbour Bridge, with wings from
flyers, inscribed Greater Sydney M.C.C. Also, a small gold-plated model of the Sydney Harbour Bridge,
with a pencil sharpener concealed inside. Tom displayed a Trade Union Badge for the Transport Worker's
Union 1988. This was issued to commemorate the centenary of the Trolley and Draymen's Union (1888-

R.S.: Rod showed all present his latest selection of Thai bi-metallics.

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