The Australian Numismatic Society

Meeting 977. 9th August, 1999.

There were 11 members and 2 visitor present.

General Business:
Nominations for Council were requested with application forms available.
Members were advised The El Paso Motel at Port Macquarie had been booked for the June 2000 joint
Members were advise the NAA Journal 10 had been produced and should be distributed soon.  M.K.
of South Australia as the new NAA Prersident replacing Jim Noble.  Maurice is also a life member of the ANS.

Talk for the Night: by Dr Nicholas Hardwick.

Nicholas was introduced by C.P.

Nicholas had studied his doctorate at Cambridge with a thesis on the Coin of Chios.  He gave us a very
interesting talk on how with the help of the British Museum he managed to view the coins of Chios held in
Museums around the world.  With the use of plaster copies and the study of many thousands of Chian coins he
was able to produce a woks on their chronology, including a study of their metalurgy to identify the source of
the minerals.

Colin gave a vote of thanks and presented Nicholas with a copy of our last Journal.

Items of Interest.
D. M. - a selection of Greek coins including 5th century Owl tetradrachm of Athens, An Ephesos Bee
tetradrachm, a stater of Aspendos with the wrestlers, a didrachm of Villia showing Athena on one side and a
crouching lion on the other, and a coin from Liontine showing Apollo on one side and a lions head on the other.
J.C. - Several books on Greek coins and a newsletter from the Australian Museum.
R.B1. - 3 Harbour Bridge badges with 1932 the outer circle in green, blue and purple.  A 1987 Carl Veen
harbour bridge token.
R.B2. - a 1937 crown encased as a paperweight; a penny set in rock; a coin of Locris 369 to 338 BC featuring
Ajax; an 8 shekel from the Phoenician of Byblos with a war galley on one side and a lion attacking a bull on the other.

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