The Australian Numismatic Society

Meeting 978  13th September, 1999.

Attendance: There were 14 members and one  present.

General Business and Discussions:
1: Report publication frequency.
Discussion on publishing the report twice-yearly rather than four times (or three times) per year.
This suggestion has been discussed by council as a possible means to reduce some of the Society’s
overhead .
Advantages: Save substantial amounts in printing and postage. Members would receive a larger
report twice-yearly. The report is published voluntarily - presently personal commitments of those
on the committee have restricted time available to prepare the report and journal.
Disadvantages: We would lose some continuity with members unable to regularly attend the Sydney
meetings. A calender for topics is presently set for topics for the next year ahead. Would the twice-
yearly publication represent value for money?
The motion was proposed to the members present and carried unanimously.
2: Proposal that we incorporate the ANS bi-annual Journal into the annual, or twice-annual Journal
published by the NAA. This matter has arisen due to several considerations :-
1: The report is published voluntarily - presently personal commitments of those on the committee
have restricted time available to prepare the report and journal.
2: More articles would be required in a timely manner.
3: The NAA Journal receivers a wider circulation and is of high-quality
4: Cost savings.
It was proposed that the Secretary contact all who have submitted articles advising them of this
motion and seek their approval to re-submit the articles to the NAA Journal. Articles would them
be published in the next NAA Journal, subject to meeting criteria set by the NAA for publication in
the Journal. Articles not published by the NAA would be published in the next ANS Report.
The motion was proposed to the members present and carried unanimously.
3: GST. The unanswered question of the impact of the forthcoming GST needs also to be
Some discussion took place with regards to raising dues, or absorbing it through the cost savings in
the above-mentioned changes. Our dues are presently $25 - the GST would possibly require raising
this figure to $27.50 which would possibly be unattractive to the membership. Council will seek
further clarification on the impact of the GST on our Society.
4: Future Council meetings will be held 30 minutes prior to the numismatic meetings. This will be
of greater convenience to the council members and allow greater continuity for discussions at the
numismatic meetings. Members and visitors are always welcome to attend the council meetings.
5: October meeting in the very broad topic of 1800 to 1850 range, anywhere!
6: November meeting in the auction - contributors are asked to bring in lots early to be catalogued.
7: Notice was given to those present of the new 10 and 20 cent pieces dated 1999 now in
circulation. These also display a re-vamped (if unflattering) portrait of the Queen.
8: Mention was made of Barry S. recent illness. Barry is now recovering from surgery and
we wish him well.
9: A record amount has been paid for a coin - over $6,000,000 for an 1804 US silver dollar.
10: Congratulations are in order to Brisbane member  Bernie Begley on being awarded the
Society’s Silver medal for his contributions to the Society over many years.

The Annual General Meeting
Previous AGM:  Minutes from the last AGM were not read as they were unavailable. They will be
presented at the next numismatic meeting. Mention was made of the progress by Society Librarian
John Veltmeyer in organising the Society’s library.
President’s Report. Society President Rod S. addressed those present. He spoke of the
entertaining and informative past year and thanked all for their friendship and support. Rod has
made a strong effort in spite of a difficult year. A full address will be published in the next Report.
Secretary’s Report:  Secretary David T. thanked council and members for their support,
particularly since business commitments have kept me away for a large part of the year.
Membership stands at 192, composed of 55 life members, 105 ordinary members, 1 junior member
and 31 complimentary members. A reminder that subscriptions are now due. Life membership
offers attractive benefits - a reduced rate and not having to remember dues time! Eight (8) Council
meetings and 12 numismatic meetings on a wide variety of themes were held over the past year.
Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer David M. was unable to attend and made his apologies. The
Treasurer’s Report will be made at the next numismatic meeting.

Council Election:
Nominations have been received and the following members will form the 1999-2000 council;
New South Wales
President: Rod S.
Vice President: Colin P.
Secretary: David T.
Treasurer: David M.
Councillers: Matthew L., Max B., Bob C.
President: George S.
Secretary: John C.
Treasurer: Fred S.
Other Business: No other business was tabled, so the AGM was closed.

Forum topic - North America and  Recent Acquisitions on the Table
B. T.
An interesting selection of Alaskan trader’s tokens was presented included a wooden nickel, and
mining locker tokens. New Orleans carnival tokens and casino tokens were shown.
Cufflinks - These feature the Royal Yacht Britannia, but on inquiry, weren’t official. These were
indicated as possibly  souvenir items and were “authenticated” by Admiral Lees from Buckingham
Mentioned that a large quantity of foreign coins found in New York parking meters was sold for
US $23,780.00 and weighed some 7000kg! It was estimated that over five years use of  foreign
coins in meters cost the city about one million dollars in lost revenue.
Stones - some small pebbles from Norfolk Island with holes in them - the type believed to have
been used by convicts for fishing sinkers.
Badge - An Olympic tupperware badge
Stickers - Olympic stickers from Melbourne 1956
Ashtray - Olympic Melbourne 1956
USA - Replica Colonial and Revolutionary War Money
T. H.:
A selection of Australian medals;
Bronze medal of the Scotch College - Mitcham SA (Sports Medal).
Medalet, West Australian Proclamation Medal C1890/4
Medalet, George V and Queen Mary Silver Jubilee C1935/1
Medalet, Prince of Wales visit to Queensland C1920/4
Medalet, Ashfield Jubilee Medal C1897/24
Medal, the  Matthew Flinders Bicentenary by ANS Brisbane 1999
Medal, the  Matthew Flinders Bicentenary by Beerburrum State School, 1999.
M. L.:
Tasmania - Emu Bay Railways Company Centenary Celebration Medals with silver and gold finish.
C. P.:
Palestine -  Neapolis coin from 161AD the first coin to feature use of the term Palestine.
J. V.:
Medal - Sunday Telegraph “One Year to Go” to the Sydney 2000 Olympics. John was generous
enough to obtain a supply of these from his local newsagent and distribute them to Society
members and visitors present. Thank you John!
Booklet - “The Story of Money” by the Commonwealth Bank.
R. S.:
Canada - Rod displayed his extensive Canada collection which included the new 50 cents for 1999.
Vatican - Bimetallics 500L and 1000L for 1992 to 1998
Kenya - 20 Shillings 1998
Thailand  - 10 bhat Customs Department and Rama III 1999
Algeria - 50 Dinars
Monaco  - 10Fr 1998
San Marino - 500L (Space) and 1000L (Exploration) 1999

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