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    A Paper given at the June 2020 online Conference

        Spanish Civil War Emergency Stamp Money by Matthew Lloyd

The Civil War in Spain was fought from 1936 till 1939. It was a  Military revolt against the Republican Government of Spain.

During the Civil War in Spain, the Spanish public began to hoard coins for their precious metal value.   Due to the war, there was a shortage
of metal and so new coins could not be made. After 1936, the small denominations which had been  issued in copper bronze and later in
cupronickel, were hoarded by the public and had vanished from circulation.

Due to the shortage of coins, it became very hard to pay for goods and services. A solution had to be made to help alleviate this problem.

The solution was small circular disks of cardboard, printed by the Government and distributed by the banks. 
They featured the Spanish Coat  of Arms on one side, and a stamp was to be stuck on the other, to the unit of value needed. 

They were issued in 5,10,15 and 25 centimes values.

These stamp coins were put into circulation throughout the cities and towns of Spain. They were only issued in 1938. 
Because of their delicate and fragile nature they did not last.

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28th June 2020