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        A Paper given at the June 2020 online Conference

                        Medals from Singapore & Malaya by Rod Sell

Britain had a lot of small Island Colonies.  These were originally to service the needs of the Royal Navy.  Singapore and
Hong Kong were two in the Far East.

The Island of Singapore was settled by Sir Stampfod Raffles on the 6th February 1819.
Raffles was in the employ of the East India Company and saw Singapore's location as important for the China & Japan trade.
At that time The East India Company had a monopoly of the British trade in the east.  By the 1840s it's influence was waining
and in 1853 it lost it's monopoly and the British India Government took over resposibility for the Colonies.
On the 28th December 1866 the handing of the settlements was transferred to the Imperial Government and on the 1st April
1867, the Straits Settlements became a British Crown Colony.

In 1826 the three settlements of Singapore, Penang and Malacca were amalgamated into the Straits Settlements.
The Seat of Government was in Penang until 1836 when it was transferred to Singapore.

The first nine copper coins reflect the change of administration of the region.
Coins for the Straits Settlements started with the date 1845, with  Quarter, Half and One Cent copper coins that had East
India Company on them.
The same  denomination coins from 1862 had, India Straits 1862 on them.
From 1872 the coins had Straits Settlements on them.
The silver coins were the same weight and fineness as the coins of Hong Kong and were often accepted in each other.
The Chinese merchants were more interested in the silver, than the origin of the coin.

1919 The Centenary of Singapore Medal.

This is a 38mm pewter medal.  It has been holed at the top.

It was made by Spinks   SPINK FECIT under the bust.  BHM 4152.
A similar silver medal in EF, sold in October 2019 for  500 Pounds.


34mm silver medal.  In 1923 by the Anglo-Kedah Treaty, Kedah came under British Protection.

Kedah is the most northerly Malay State, bordering Thailand.  Alor Star is the main city.

The Kedah Exhibition took place on the 22nd to 24th September 1923, to select a collection of  the arts and crafts
of Kedah to be taken to the 1924 British Empire Exhibition.

This is the only Kedah Exhibition Medal I have seen in the last 50 years of collecting.
There is almost no reference to the Kedah Exhibition.  I found one article in the Malay Tribune newspaper.

If anyone has more information. Please let me know.

1937 Coronation Medal  King George VI & Queen Elizabeth

35mm bronze medal.  Portraits of the King and Queen on the obverse and the Penang Coat of Arms on the Reverse.
The East India Company took posession of Penang Island in 1786, and renamed it the Prince of Wales Island, which is
why the Coat of Arms features the Prince of Wales Feathers.

1971 Jurong Bird Park Singapore Medal

41mm Gilt Bronze Medal.  The Park was opened in 1971.  There are a series of medal with different birds found in the Park.

1988 Singapore / Malaysia Year of the Dragon Token

38mm  Gilt bronze token.  1888 Straits Settlement 1cent on obverse.  Lucky Dragon on reverse.

Stamford Raffles Modern Tourist Medal.

38mm pewter tourist medal.

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