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Some Papers by C. J. V. Weaver

On Friday 29th July 2016 I collected the ANS mail from our PO Box in Manly.

Amongst the mail, was a registered letter from Tony Dobbin, the son of our late Member and Secretary  Fred Dobbin.

Tony advised he was recently going through Fred's papers and came across some articles written by our member C. J. V. Weaver.
He was not sure why Fred had them, and assumed they were ANS items held by Fred during his time as Secretary.

I am now holding them for the ANS, however I thought it would be nice if members could also read them. 
So I have scanned them all, and they are now in the ANS website library for members to read..

The following pages are from Mr Selwyn R Mort who was a founding member of the ANS and our First Secretary in 1913 .

Here are the  Papers by  C. J. V. Weaver.
Just click on the title below you would like to read.

A Coin of Murat King of the Two Sicilies

The Crowns of Queen Victoria

The Sower Type on the Coins of France

Notes on the Ptolemaic Bronzes

The Coinage of Edward VIII

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31st July  2016