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From Saturday 6th June
Online Conference Papers see below for details
The physical Conference will now be on the 12th & 13th June 2021

Due to the Federal and NSW Governments advice that non essential travel to be stopped.

Instead we will have an online JUNE 2020 Conference for the whole of the membership.

All ANS members are invited to send me a Paper on any subject they like.
Please send it in doc format and images in jpg format at 300% resolution.

On the 6th June I will present 1 paper each day to the membership, with a link on the list below

Participants who have indicated they have a Paper, or I hope will have a Paper.
The items in bold, is where I have received the Paper.

Sat 6th June Peter Lane - Pre and Post Captain Cook Australian Cartography.
Sun 7th June David Mee - Some interesting coin stories, on Denmark, Scotland, Chios & the USA.
Mon 8th June Bruce Short - The Philanthropic, Philosophical and Medically Infallible Galen, AD 129-216
Tue 9th June Ross Pratley - Australian Defence Canteens Service – CANTEEN ORDERS
Wed 10th June Les Carlisle -The Astronomer James Dunlop's Gold Medals.
Thu 11th June  Phil Benjamin - HMS Supply
Fri 12th June Bernie Begley - Allen and Stark's Gold Fob medal 1914
Sat 13th June Paul Holland - A Study of Off-Centre Strikes and Coinage Press Die Placement: Australian Pennies and Halfpennies
Sun 14th June Judy Blackman - John Lee Award for Sheep.
Mon 15th June Mike Carter & Malcolm Johnson - The Royal Victoria Theatre Passes:  English or Australian
Tue 16th June Andrew Crellin The-1887 Sydney Gold Two Pound proof coin Royalty, Mystery & Scandal
Wed 17th June Ross Pratley - Making Money
Thu 18th June Colin Thomas - 1959 Queensland Centenary.
Fri 19th June Ian Sizeland - Hog Money of the Sommer Isles.
Sat 20th June George Snelgrove - Official Badges For the 1956 Melbourne Olympics
Sun 21st June Matthew Lloyd - The Various Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II on Australian Coins
Mon 22nd June Gerry Doyle - Luddington Tokens - Two Hobbies Combined
Tue 23rd June Judy Blackman - The Chocolate House That Henry Built
Wed 24th June Alan Flint - The 30th Anniversary of the World's First Polymer Banknote
Thu 25th June Ross Pratley - An Introduction to Child Endowment Orders.
Fri 26th June
Howard Hodgson - The Dixson Library 1920 Sydney Sovereign
Sat 27th June Rod Sell - 2 Hong Kong Brockages and other items of interest.
Sun 28th June  Matthew Lloyd - Stamp Money of The Spanish Civil War.
Mon 29th June Judy Blackman - Canadian "Minis".
Tue 30th  June Peter Lane - Daniel Cooper's 1856 Foundation Stone Box .
Wed 1st July Ross Pratley - A Unique Historic Silver Medal to Henry Newman.
Thu 2nd July Rod Sell - Englsh bimetallics of the Stuarts.
Fri 3rd July Judy Blackman - Sir Joseph Savory Medal
Sat 4th July Peter Atherden - Portland, Victoria
- A StoryVia Some Significant Medals.
Sun 5th July Rod Sell - Singapore Centenary, Kedah Exhibition and other Medals from Malaya.